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  • Breaking news from PowerBASIC...

    We surely appreciate that so many of our friends visit these forums on a regular basis.  However, we encourage you to bookmark our main page rather than forum pages, so you'll be the very first to receive the latest news from PowerBASIC!

    We expect many important announcements over coming months, and we don't want you to miss a single one!  Visit now, and read the latest news which arrived just today!  It's only one <click> away...


    Bob Zale
    PowerBASIC Inc.


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    Ah, maybe I have problems with internet browser, but I saw:
    PB/DLL 6.0 Now Shipping! PB/CC 2.0 Now Shipping!

    If seriously, we will not lose new compilers, if somebody will post a message on forum.
    Interesting only, when and which features will be added (+ discount for upgrade).

    E-MAIL: [email protected]


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      Top of page tells that Eric Pearson/PB has released version 2 of SQL tools.
      Bob has a point, I almost never look at main page, but visit here several
      times per day.

      So PB/DLL 6 is finally here? Yippee - see, is worth taking short peek at
      the front page now and then..

      BTW, on serious side: it says Standard and Pro versions of SQL tools, but
      can only see difference is in number of developer licenses. What gives?
      Is Standard and Pro same SQL tools, if not to look at license aspects?



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        I am pretty sure this is available on the PerfectSync saite if not here at the PB site.
        The Pro DLL provides all of the Standard DLL functionality, plus it allows the use of up to 256 databases by the same program, each having up to 256 concurrent SQL statements.

        The Pro DLL also includes a large number of advanced features, including:

        · Multithreaded Operation (see note below)
        · Batched SQL Statements
        · Multirow (Block) Cursors
        · Bound Statement Parameters, including Long values and arrays
        · Stored Procedures
        · Manual Commit/Rollback of Transactions
        · Relative Fetches
        · Bookmarks
        · Bulk Operations
        · Positioned Operations
        · Named Cursors
        · Connection Pooling
        · Low level SQL/ODBC Diagnostics
        Many different Info (catalog) functions are also included in the Pro DLL, including Driver Info, Datasource Info, Data Type Info, Table Statistics, Table and Column Privilege Info, Unique Column Info, Primary Column Info, Autocolumn Info, Index Info, Foreign Key Info, Stored Procedure Info, and others.

        The Pro DLL also allows you to access low level functions that require ODBC Handles and memory pointers to SQL Tools data buffers.

        The SQL Tools Pro DLL provides virtually 100% of the functionality that is included in the ODBC 3.5, Level 2 specification.


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          Thanks Ron. Well, just saw that PB actually have a whole pharagraph about
          it too. I sometimes browse too fast through text on screen..