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SHGetFileInfo and Win98..

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  • SHGetFileInfo and Win98..

    Sometimes when I use SHGetFileInfo, the icon for "Show desktop" in
    the taskbar changes. Same thing can actually happen with any program
    as soon as I activate an Open/Save File dialog, so it seems it's not
    just my code that triggers this. Even MS Explorer can do it. Sometimes
    it gets real bad and all icons in taskbar changes.

    Must be that SHGetFileInfo somehow can screw up things in the system
    image list? Maybe someone knows if this is a confirmed "issue" in Win98?
    Couldn't find anything about it at MSDN, but then again, MSDN is huge..


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      Thanks Timm. Knew it couldn't be just me. Tested in a clean system and
      the Open file dialog in WordPad managed to make same mess after a while.

      Interesting to see the long list of "applies to" there. Same "issue" in
      more than 40 different versions of Windows, and still they don't care
      to find a way to prevent this from happening? Sigh..