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    Newbie question

    I used to use VB and just start to read about PowerBasic,
    and would like to know more such as :

    1. In VB, we declare DLL and reference to it (later it will be in the setup.exe,
    which is something I hate), in PB, how is it work? Will it include the DLL
    inside the exe?

    2. Can I reference object such as Outlook2000, Outlook Express using PB?

    3. For these kinds of newbie question, any forum or material I can go for?


    In answer to #1, If you mean does it link it and include it in
    the exe file - no. All dll's referenced must be either in the
    directory where the exe resides or in the path (such as windows
    dll's) where your exe can locate it and have a pointer to it
    (i guess that's the way to describe it) but dll's are not
    included physically in the exe file at compile time.

    Im sure you could "run" outlook express via shell, but the
    experts like lance will give you a more complete answer to

    Client Writeup for the CPA

    Links Page


      Hi Chong

      There are 2 ways to use dll's in PB:

      1) The typical basic-way: declare the dll in a syntax that is very
      similar to VB

      2) The C-way: use LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress API's to load the
      dll and get the code pointer to the function you need.

      PB is not object-oriented. There is a third-party product that can
      be used to make PB-wrappings of objects:


      [email protected]
      [email protected]