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  • PBDLL6

    Some years ago I purchased PBDLL2.0 and as yet have never used it!
    I'm looking to upgrade to V6

    I've done a lot with PBDos and PBCC2. My question is has PBDLL6 been improved
    with reference to the editor. Is it like PBCC ?


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    I find the editors to be very similar between PBDLL6 and PBCC2.
    Also, I was a previous PBDOS user. I would recommend that you take
    a look at EZGUI, if this is the first time that you are doing
    windows programming. EZGUI will simplify the Windows GUI portion
    of your software development.




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      I too recommend EzGui for an easier transition to Windows Gui
      programming. I have used the free designer for a few small projects,
      but I think the real version is much more valuable. It encapsulates
      a lot of the common windows API functions into single easy to use
      statements. Before I bought it, I found myself getting caught up
      in OS details every time I wanted to do something. Ezgui allows me
      to code quickly and I only slow down for API stuff when I need to
      go outside of Ezgui's function set.

      Russ Srole

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        What is EZGUI ?

        The program that I want to work on is a PLU (Price Look Up) for POS

        I have a working DOS version that stores product code, description, price, stock Etc.



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          Just purchased ver 6.00, what an improvement! Might be up all night



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            Might.. ?

            EzGui is a visual designer for PB, see

            Some other things that may help keep you busy over night can be found
            at my PB web-page -

            And, in case you haven't seen it before, see:



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              Hello all.

              It’s been many years for me, started with Turbo Basic version 1 when Borland had it.
              I am very confused about the PBDLL6, what’s the difference between that and PB/DLL version 6? I have had PB/DLL 6 for sometime now and it sounds like PBDLL6 is just been released, what gives? TIA.

              Lou Sanders


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                Hi Lou,

                PB/DLL 6.0 (also referred to here as PBDLL6) was initially released in 1999. That is, PB/DLL 6.0 and PBDLL6 are the same thing.

                BTW, Steve was comparing PB/DLL 2.0 (the 16-bit compiler) to PB/DLL 6.0 (the current 32-bit compiler).

                PowerBASIC Support
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                mailto:[email protected]


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                  Hello Lance,

                  Thanks for clearing all that up for me.
                  I figured it out by going to the home page
                  but the message was already posted.
                  Now I’m waiting for the updates to PBDLL6
                  and PBCC2 to be released.

                  Thanks again bud.

                  Lou Sanders