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    I want Real Time Screen Cam On TCP / IP Other Computer ?

    Sample Symantech PCanywhere Or Remote Admin

    Please Help Me...
    Thank You

    [email protected]


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    You want to be able to decode and display a "stream"? Is this local network stuff, or are you looking to hook an existing stream service?

    For the latter, do you have the spec's for the stream? If the former, I would assume that you are looking to create the server and client ends yourself?

    If so, can you describe your requirements in more detail please? For example, if you just want to send a BMP every 5 seconds, then you could use TCP/IP and send the file, then use standard TCP and GUI methods to receive and display it at the client end.

    or... maybe you have something else in mind?

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      Sory My english Language Not Very.

      I want real time cap screen
      Sample Pcanywhere

      I don't no GUI methods . ?
      What GUI methods ?



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        by "gui methods" i mean the normal way to programmatically display a bitmap on a dialog or window. in %wm_paint you load the bitmap and bitblt it to the screen. alternatively, if you were using ddt, then you could create an image control and use the control set image statement.

        have you done any windows gui programming before, mehmet ali? if not, then before lauching into a project of this complexity, i recommend that you consider getting a good windows programming book to understand the concepts that will be involved in such a project.

        a list of recommended titles can be found at

        i hope this helps!

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          I came across some software that allowea remote access via the net
          that captured video from a standard screen cam that was rigged on a
          couple of RC type servo's glued all together with some Lego pieces.
          So not only video, but you could remotely move the camera up/down and
          side to side. From what I remember, it was Freeware, sorry no source code.
          I'll do some searching to see if I could find the site, I am sure it was
          some University kids hacking around.


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            Your talking about Lego Robotics, a basic unit costs $200 bucks.

            Webcam was probably added to a robot, and you can program the
            Block (the Cpu) to do any number of things.

            [email protected]


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              This is exactly the kind of stuff
              I am into. Remotely controlled robotic
              camera systems. The lego kits are so
              much fun to use. See:

              And speaking from experience MehmeT, I
              echo the others comments that this is
              a complex task. Without strong understanding
              of sockets, graphics subsystem, etc.
              You are in for a great deal of reading

              Good Luck