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Newbie: Accessing VB Classes in PB

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  • Newbie: Accessing VB Classes in PB

    I have a VB application which holds its internal data in complicated, referenced VB class structures.
    I want to rewrite some time critical functions with PB. Therefore PB must have good access to al lot of those internal data structures.

    I learned that there is a way to pass UDTs. Is there a way to access VB classes in PB?



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    I think you wish to combine PB to much with VB.
    In that perspective, it's SOO different.

    Maybe the next update might have some stuff to do classes, i think this will still be incompatible with vb.
    Don't know.

    However, not at this moment, you can pass any 'ordinary' variable (including types)

    VB can hold dynamic strings in types, pb can not handle this.
    Strings must be converted to single byte where VB uses unicode(doublebyte)
    VB DOES already convert unicode strings to ansi if the declaration is for example: .... byval sString As String ) As...

    These matters are already discussed.
    I suggest you download POFFS wich contain almost all of the topics discussed here, Search it here...

    Good luck.
    Btw, VB s....