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  • Tom Hanlin
    If you use the current RICHEDIT.INC, the UDT is correct, to the best
    of my knowledge. We had to insert a filler value in order to make the
    fixed-alignment PowerBASIC structure match up with the floating-alignment
    Windows structure. This is very rarely an issue, as most API structures
    align the same way in either case.

    Thanks for the tip on %SCF_ALL. I'll see that RICHEDIT gets updated

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff

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  • Edwin Knoppert
    started a topic Richedit + struct

    Richedit + struct

    After reading posts about the CHARFORMAT struct, i was wondering if this is a bug in the RichEdit DLL.
    It must be 60 instead of 58 (we all know by now)

    How can the declaration continue, even in c, if the length is found incorrect by the dll??

    %SCF_ALL is missing

    /* EM_SETCHARFORMAT wParam masks */
    #define SCF_SELECTION 0x0001
    #define SCF_WORD 0x0002
    #define SCF_DEFAULT 0x0000 // Set default charformat or paraformat
    #define SCF_ALL 0x0004 // Not valid with SCF_SELECTION or SCF_WORD
    #define SCF_USEUIRULES 0x0008 // Modifier for SCF_SELECTION; says that