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  • Virtual ListView With Row Header - Comments

    comments for this program:
    should go here.

    best regards,



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    To David L Morris


    Thanks for your comment in the source code forum on my Virtual
    ListView. I give my reply here.

    I am well aware of your very impressive listview code of April 27th
    and 30th, 2001 in the source code forum. I have tried to implement
    elements of it in my code without success. My listview program
    has been developed using PowerBasic Dynamic Dialog Tools (DDT)
    while your program is based on a classical Windows program
    construction. I have a suspicion that this difference in program
    structure may explain the difference in functionality. Can it
    be that the DDTs cannot accommodate all listview features and
    that in order to have full listview functionality, a classical
    Windows program structure is necessary?

    It would be interesting to know the general experience on this.

    Best regards



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      No, as far as I know, DDT and listview or treeview, etc, get on fine.

      However, in some cases it may be necessary for your callback to use SetWindowLong(%DWL_MSGRESULT).

      The only control (that I am aware) of that currently does not work with DDT at all is the IPAddress control as it use the user-data area to store info, and this conflicts with DDT.

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        I played with it for a few minutes, it keeps getting better, keep it up!
        One side effect, if you resize the column, the ListView scrollbars popup and you
        now have two sets of scrollbars. They vaporize after scrolling the non-ListView

        If you want an alternate challenge, I started a virtual listview control based
        on Borje Hagsten's custom listbox control. Don't have time to finish it, but if
        you are up to the challange, I can give it to you. The control itself is
        straight SDK platform, but the code to demo the control is DDT.

        Just let me know, you can compile what I have, and see the results. Can even
        add your 'first column Row counter' as part of this control. Down the road going to
        skin the header buttons using the recent and add my custom skin scrollbar.
        Lot's of Idea's just no time to finish them. Maybe should give up my day job???



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          Thanks for the information and the tip of using
          SetWindowLong(%DWL_MSGRESULT). I will see if this may solve the


          Thank you for your kind comments.

          I am aware that the internal scroll bars become visible if you -
          by using the mouse - increases the column width, but as you say
          they disappear again with any new movement because the column
          width is reset to its original value at every update of the
          listview. I may be able to improve this aspect.

          Thanks also for your offer in letting me see your virtual
          listview code. I would like very much to see it, but since I
          still feel like a beginner to Windows programming, it may be too
          complicated for me at this stage. I have the impression that
          development of custom controls is a quite demanding project.
          Furthermore, my time is also limited. Like you I program mostly
          for fun. My profession, which is in another field, takes most of
          my time - and my family may pull me away from the screen - occasionally!

          At present I am still exploring how far one can get by using
          standard controls as a starting point in developing your own
          special programs.

          Best regards,



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