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Unicode and WM_NotifyFormat

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  • Hi Gary,

    I agree (not just that this is a long thread ), the way to prepare legacy code for compilation with the PBWin10 compiler is just to define %Unicode. Well that and convert Strings to wStrings too as required.

    New code should probably have %Unicode routinely defined too. As Microsoft advise in the MSDN topic Conventions for Function Prototypes
    Note New Windows applications should use Unicode to avoid the inconsistencies of varied code pages and for ease of localization. They should be written with generic functions, and should define UNICODE to compile the functions into Unicode functions.
    I noted that they use the term 'generic functions' but I favour the use of 'neutral equates' that you have adopted (indeed I had used the same expression in some of me own notes that never made it to the forum!).

    Thanks for persevering with the thread (through all your personal distractions!) - it's been very useful for me by teasing out details on a few topics that I have dabbled with recently.
    Rgds, Dave