Ya want to learn do ya?
Translating is an art. Knowing how to speak in another lanaguage and converting it to another language. This is a list of posts on the forums that deal with language conversion: Programmming Language of C++ converted to PowerBasic.
This list is not everything that has been posted. But a good place to start to answer those questions on how to do it.
The oldest post I was able to bring up is dated: Apr 12th, 2000
Porting questions.. (http://www.powerbasic.com/support/pbforums/showthread.php?t=2097)
The place to start is in PowerBasic Help.
Under Help > Data Types > Comparative Data Type > C/C++ (also listed is Delphi, Visual Baisc 6)
Tom Hanlin has said:
"Programmer" is a verb, not a noun: it's a process of learning.
C passes all values BYVAL. In the case where a C program is passing a pointer to a value, then, it may make sense to translate this into PowerBASIC in either of two ways: as a BYVAL pointer, or as the actual value BYREF. For example, if there's a C parameter "LPDWORD lpd", you might reasonably translate this to PB either as "BYVAL lpd AS DWORD PTR" or as "BYREF d AS DWORD". It just depends on which is more convenient for you.
int64 is not a standard C type, although it's easy to guess that they mean a 64-bit integer, which is a QUAD in PowerBASIC. PB doesn't have an unsigned 64-bit integer type, but QUAD should suffice for that as well in most cases, in the same way you can generally get away with using a LONG instead of a DWORD for a HANDLE value.
When dealing with C, intrinsic types are in lowercase. Defined types are in all caps by convention. C is case-sensitive. Integer-class types can take a modifier of "signed" or "unsigned", and are signed by default. The size of a type may vary according to the compiler but, typically, the following applies for DOS and Windows C implementations:
"char" (or "signed char"): a signed byte. The PB translation may be BYTE or STRING * 1 depending on the situation.
"unsigned char": a byte. The PB translation will usually be BYTE, although there may be cases where STRING * 1 will be appropriate. You will frequently see defined C types that mean the same thing, such as "UCHAR" or "BYTE".
"int" (or "signed int"): a signed integer. If it's 16-bit C code, the PB translation is INTEGER. If it's 32-bit C code, the PB translation is LONG.
"unsigned int": an unsigned integer. If it's 16-bit C code, the PB translation is WORD. If it's 32-bit C code, the translation is DWORD. Often defined in C as a "UINT" or "DWORD" type.
"short": a signed 16-bit integer. In PB, INTEGER. Sometimes seen in C as the defined type "SHORT".
"long": a signed 32-bit integer. In PB, LONG. Sometimes seen in C as the defined type "LONG".
C arrays are defined by the number of elements and are indexed from zero:
"char foo[32]" translates to DIM foo(0 TO 31) AS BYTE or, more likely,
DIM foo AS STRING * 32, depending on the context.
A UINT is a DWORD. A DWORD is interchangeable with any pointer type, although there's no particularly good reason to prefer a DWORD when you can use the appropriate pointer type.
The LP prefix means "pointer". A C long is a PowerBASIC LONG. So, you're looking at a generic 32-bit return value-- use a DWORD or a LONG-- and understand that the result is actually a pointer to a LONG value. (Because FUNCTION..AS LONG PTR isn't valid syntax, but you can always return a LONG PTR as a LONG or a DWORD, since the data types are effectively the same under 32-bit Windows).
The common Windows SDK type, BOOLEAN, is actually a LONG (4-byte signed value). As noted, "1" is the "most true" value for C, whereas "-1" is the "most true" value for BASIC. With C or with BASIC, though, any non-zero value is considered "true".
About type names-- When you see something in C like this:
typedef struct tagATMSystem {
the best translation into a PB type is like this:
I'm not sure what that byplay was about a LONG being ok for a value from 0-255. If you mean, is it ok to translate a "char" to a "LONG", no-- these are different-size values. A "char" should translate as either a "STRING * 1" or as a "BYTE", depending on whether you want to consider it as a string or a numeric value.
Enoch, BOOL is not a 2-byte integer, unless you're porting from 16-bit C code. With 32-bit C, the "integer" and "BOOL" types translate to a PowerBASIC "LONG" (a 4-byte integer type).
C strings defined by "char *" should be ASCIIZ, not STRING, in PB.
...Tom Hanlin, PowerBASIC Staff
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What I have seen in C++ to PB in translation : sometimes it is easy to take what is on the left and move it to the right when converting to PowerBasic. I see it as a musical chairs.
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P.S. can this be made a sticky???