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PowerBasic is Great!!!!!!!

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  • Patrice Terrier

    I also believe in every members' right to express his/her opinion, even when some messages irritate me.

    I would be proud to be considered as a world citizen.

    Patrice Terrier
    mailto[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Florent Heyworth

    personally I believe in every members' right to express his/her opinion.

    PS: what does your favourite song have to do with your post?




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  • Phil Tippit
    Just to put my post back on top.



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  • Phil Tippit
    started a topic PowerBasic is Great!!!!!!!

    PowerBasic is Great!!!!!!!

    Gentlemen and Members:

    I have made comments on this BBS before as to what I think about
    Powerbasic. In the last year I have converted two older software
    packages written in PDS and assembler to PowerBasic using PBDLL
    and PBCC. I have also created two new software packages with the
    same products. I have over 500 of these packages in the market
    place being used by collection agencies and field service
    organizations. Now all are written in PowerBasic and running in
    Win 95,98, and NT. PowerBasic saved me.

    The last time I made a comment about the four previous threads
    on this forum,(SF's) I was put down. But,if you read other members
    comments, you will see that I am not the only one that is
    getting very sick of (Stephane's comments).

    Stephane made a comment on one of his threads on March 12, 2000
    that he would not repeat himself anymore. He has done it 10 times
    since then, enough is enough, the point is taken.

    Stephane must be very happy about some aspects of PowerBasic,
    or he would not be using it. I don't want PowerBasic to turn
    into a Delphi or Visual Basic Product. If you want to add new
    features to the product, well be it, that will be great.

    My thinking is that Stephane wants you to create a new Visual
    Basic that compiles small code and runs as fast as PowerBasic.
    What a mistake that would be if it turned out to be bloatware.

    My last statement, and you will see that others have made the
    same statement; Stephane, send your future requests to
    S[email protected]. "I would hope that this forum could
    be used only for current product questions in the future."

    Members, Get up and speak up.


    [This message has been edited by Phil Tippit (edited May 23, 2000).]