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  • PowerBasic is Great!!!!!!!

    Gentlemen and Members:

    I have made comments on this BBS before as to what I think about
    Powerbasic. In the last year I have converted two older software
    packages written in PDS and assembler to PowerBasic using PBDLL
    and PBCC. I have also created two new software packages with the
    same products. I have over 500 of these packages in the market
    place being used by collection agencies and field service
    organizations. Now all are written in PowerBasic and running in
    Win 95,98, and NT. PowerBasic saved me.

    The last time I made a comment about the four previous threads
    on this forum,(SF's) I was put down. But,if you read other members
    comments, you will see that I am not the only one that is
    getting very sick of (Stephane's comments).

    Stephane made a comment on one of his threads on March 12, 2000
    that he would not repeat himself anymore. He has done it 10 times
    since then, enough is enough, the point is taken.

    Stephane must be very happy about some aspects of PowerBasic,
    or he would not be using it. I don't want PowerBasic to turn
    into a Delphi or Visual Basic Product. If you want to add new
    features to the product, well be it, that will be great.

    My thinking is that Stephane wants you to create a new Visual
    Basic that compiles small code and runs as fast as PowerBasic.
    What a mistake that would be if it turned out to be bloatware.

    My last statement, and you will see that others have made the
    same statement; Stephane, send your future requests to
    [email protected] "I would hope that this forum could
    be used only for current product questions in the future."

    Members, Get up and speak up.


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    pt AT pursuersoft DOT com

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    Just to put my post back on top.


    pt AT pursuersoft DOT com


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      personally I believe in every members' right to express his/her opinion.

      PS: what does your favourite song have to do with your post?





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        I also believe in every members' right to express his/her opinion, even when some messages irritate me.

        I would be proud to be considered as a world citizen.

        Patrice Terrier
        mailto[email protected][email protected]</A>
        Patrice Terrier
        Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


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          Number one, I am very pleased to hear that you have had very good results
          with your rewrite of programs in the PowerBASIC compilers. I think you have
          joined many including myself who have found the advantages of using well
          written software.

          I am a little surprised at the comments about another member, if there is
          one thing I have enjoyed with this forum is the general level of experience
          and maturity of its members. Where you have programmers working on
          different problems on different types of software, you are bound to get
          differences of opinion from time to time.

          Now I join the other members who are willing to tolerate the odd message
          that annoys me because I see that a forum of this type needs to be open and
          friendly as it usually is. Perhaps you need to look at other systems on the
          Internet to see that it is reasonably unique and this is because the
          members have made it that way.

          The other part of the equation is that Bob Zale and his staff have both
          made this forum available and contributed to it in a manner that is unusual
          in the software industry. I cannot think of any other place where the
          person who writes the compiler also answers questions and has a staff of
          well experienced people to assist members.

          "I would hope that this forum could be used only for current product
          questions in the future."

          This would be a very substantial loss to the value of an open forum of this
          type where different contributors share their experiences and assist other
          programmers on the basis of the things they have already done. Losing this
          to make the forum a narrow product area would destroy it.

          I think I get the swing of your parting coments and I commend a person for
          being proud of their country but I suggest that you need to be a little
          tolerant of the differences with people from other countries as they have a
          different cultural and social background.

          For those of us who grew up in the land of OZ on a diet of Rock 'n Roll,
          (yours, ours and everyone elses), migrated to heavy metal and gave up in
          disgust when disco hit the scene, choice of music is a matter of personal
          taste and while your choice may work for you, its very difficult to
          translate that to people who are from another country.

          Regards and I hope you keep writing successful software.

          [email protected]

          hutch at movsd dot com
          The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries


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            Folks, suggestions are _always_ welcome here. They open up disussion, and great ideas are often hatched. Remember, R&D do lurk on this BBS too, plus BBS administrators pass on these suggestions to R&D. R&D take all suggestions very seriously, and each one gets thoroughly debated before a decision is made. There is one critical question that is asked of every single feature request though: "Will people pay to have that feature?". Even if the answer is no, the suggestion is often put back into the "wish list" file, so it can have another chance of being implemented at a later date.

            That said, repeatedly asking for the same feature just wastes time and bandwidth. To date, requests for features such as OOP have been repeatedly posted on this BBS, through [email protected], direct email to PowerBASIC staff, and by telephone. We've got OOP on the list now, thanks!

            Other people may certainly ask for a "tick" to be added to features that have already been requested... The more ticks, the more likely the feature will be implemented as the "demand" can be considered statistically higher.

            As I stated earlier tonight in the DOS forum, each person is permitted one "vote" per suggestion. Otherwise it would not be fair to our customers if just one person voted 10,000 times for one particular feature - if R&D was to implement new features based on this type of voting, we'd end up with products that were not ideally suited to the widest range of programmers.

            We (PowerBASIC) absolutely respond to customers requests - that's the reason we continue to grow and why we continue to produce world-class compilers.

            We absolutely encourage our customers (and potential customers) to tell us what they like and dislike, what they want added or removed. Such posts are welcome to be posted her or can be sent directly to mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A> .

            I understand the concerns that members of this BBS have made regarding certain individuals posting habits, but we will not permit flaming or other behaviour that we consider counter-productive. PowerBASIC also reserves the right to edit and delete posts we deem inappropriate or blantantly break the rules of this BBS.

            Please folks, lets work together rather than against each other. Stephane is welcome to post his personal "wish list" here... we welcome it, but it should not duplicate suggestions he has already made on this BBS.

            Finally, I have to say that we have some exciting products on the horizon! The ideas behind these products stems directly from the feedback and suggestions we have received. Lets keep the ball rolling!

            Thank you.

            PowerBASIC Support
            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
            mailto:[email protected]


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              > Finally, I have to say that we have some exciting products
              > on the horizon!

              Aha..? Sounds promising, Lance. Maybe should dig up that PB
              job-offer from Bob and have another look at it after all..



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                We absolutely encourage our customers (and potential customers) to tell us what they like and dislike, what they want added or removed. Such posts are welcome to be posted her or can be sent directly to [email protected] .

                Maybe it would be interresting if someone from PB put an 'index' of everything people are asking for onto the forum. So then we can give each item a score. It would be easier to see for the people at pb what we really want (need) and what would be nice to add (if time permits)...

                Just a suggestion



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                  OK Fellow Programmers,

                  Here is my point again.

                  Over the last year, I may have posted 10 questions to the
                  PBDLL and PBCC forums total. They were questions that I
                  had hoped someone could help me with. None were off base
                  with the current products, that I needed a little help with.

                  In at least four of those post, I received no responses or
                  only one. I eventually spent days writing code and testing
                  it and answered my own question. (But very time consuming.)

                  I posted a question sometime ago, with regards to how to determine
                  the com port that the modem was actually on. One response from
                  Lance about some topics at Borland, which didn't answer my
                  question. No other replies. I still have not found out the

                  Now, Stephane has posted 14 items to this forum and many others
                  to PBCC forum about the same thing several times. Almost all
                  of these have had multiple replies, some have as many as 4 pages.

                  It seems that everytime someone posts a wishlist,
                  it gets beat to death. There is a current thread on this forum
                  about a wishlist that currently has 45 replies.

                  My question about current product needs; still has not had a
                  satifactory answer from anyone from Powerbasic or any of the
                  members. But hundreds of replies have been made on these wish
                  list post.

                  I think we should let the people at Powerbasic spend their
                  time answering questions about current products, And let
                  R&D do what they need to do to enhance the current products.
                  Wish List are great, but don't beat it to death!!! over and
                  over again with the same stuff, I think Powerbasic by now
                  has read these post, they certainly had posted enough replies
                  to them.

                  Other comments from Administrators and Members.

                  Adam Ritchie: 3/4/2000
                  Not to sound rude, but I looked in almost all the forums
                  and I think you have made your point. I think support is
                  already aware of this and the subject has already been
                  hashed and bashed about. There is a place on the website
                  for submitting wishlists to the company.

                  Lance Edwards: 3/12/2000
                  According to his email, Stephane wants us to implement
                  a form of static-libraries. Oh yes... and OOP.

                  Eric Pearson: 3/12/2000
                  Really? Are you sure? I don't know how you could have
                  gotten that impression...

                  Dave Navarro: 3/13/2000
                  Hi Stephanel,

                  Thanks I'll pass your request along.
                  I have a request for you. Please post all of your "requests"
                  in a single message in *ONE* forum on the BBS so that I don't
                  have to keep sending individual emails to the development team.
                  And PLEASE stop sending the same request over and over and over
                  and over again. We heard you the first time.
                  Dave Navarro: on the PBCC forum
                  As I have told you countless times on the phone and
                  in email messages, we do plan to support OOP in a future
                  version of PowerBASIC. Send us the same requests hundreds
                  of times by email, posting them over and over again on our
                  web site and calling us every other week is not going to get
                  you anything any faster.
                  Think about it.

                  Now back to the question, can anyone help with how to
                  determine what com port a modem is actually on?????????


                  [This message has been edited by Phil Tippit (edited May 23, 2000).]
                  pt AT pursuersoft DOT com


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                    Hi Phil --

                    These are, after all, the "PowerBASIC Peer Support Forums". Those are the biggest words on the page!

                    There's a group of people that visit here from time to time and answer the questions we can. And we also comment on messages when we feel like it. Nobody pays us, or tells us how often we have to read new messages, or how many answers we must post.

                    If nobody responded to your question(s) then it's a good bet that...

                    1) Nobody knew the answer, or

                    2) Somebody knew the answer but did not take the time to respond.

                    If you don't get a free answer here -- or in other web resorces like newsgroups -- about your only option is to hire a consultant. You can hire PowerBASIC support if you want to, for a fee. (To be clear, they frequently volunteer "free" answers here, but if they don't know and you really need an answer, they will research it for you, for a fee.)

                    And IMO, the use of this BBS for things other than "current product questions" encourages a sense of community that actually increases peoples' willingness to volunteer their help.

                    > Now back to the question,

                    Your best bet is to start a new thread that isn't titled "PowerBASIC is Great!", since not everybody reads every message. For the record, I don't know the answer to your question.

                    -- Eric

                    Perfect Sync: Perfect Sync Development Tools
                    Email: mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

                    "Not my circus, not my monkeys."


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                      I can understand your feelings about your own posts and not getting answers. This could be discouraging.

                      Likely many see me post a great deal about subjects I have a passion for (Visual Development and stuff), but I (like many others) try to post answers to questions others have and even some times spend time trying debug others code to help find solutions to their problems. The problem is that I (like others) don't know everything, so likely I will only post an answer to a question that I am very sure about and have experience with.

                      Likely others who post answers do the same (we don't want to give erroneous answers). It is possible you simply asked questions that others weren't comfortable answering (it does happen). If your level of skill is high, then it is possible you pose questions others just don't know the answer to (or it just isn't their area of expertese).

                      Some members have developed a reputation for areas of expertese. Names like:

                      Hutch - Expert with assembler
                      Patrice - Expert with a lot of graphic oriented stuff (see WinLift)
                      Semen - posts some very good API code

                      and others.

                      I am sure if the questions you post can be answered, someone will likely speak up. Also if we treat one another nicely, then we are likely to get more help.

                      Chris Boss
                      Computer Workshop
                      Developer of "EZGUI"


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                        I have not been around this forum lately (i'm very busy) but judging by your comments I think that you may not appreciate it as much as you should, I don't really care about random 'wants' by some people, such as Stephane, because the bulk of the information on this forum is genuinely useful. Almost, if not everything is covered, just imagine if there wasn't a forum here!

                        Correct me if i'm wrong, but people like Lance and Tom (and many others) don't have to and aren't paid to answer posts but do so by their own free will.

                        Actually I think this thread should be entitled 'PowerBasic are great!' to congratulate Bob Zale and the team for creating such a mean compiler and nice neat forum.


                        Kev G Peel
                        KGP Software
                        Bridgwater, UK.
                        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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                          I find this message board a huge value of resources, and not all of my questions have been answered but I come to this message board 10 or 20 times a day atleast, just to read the topics that are being discussed.

                          I think everyone has his/her own opinion and I think respecting them is the first step to becoming a solid figure in the workforce. I know how it feels to have your feelings not respected because I work with someone that does that on a daily basis.

                          Everyone has opinions, you don't have to like them, just respect them. As far as wishlists are concern, PowerBasic won't add EVERY SINGLE Wish that consumers have, but 3rd party companies will! Look at Chris Boss's product, do you think he would of made that product if nobody wanted it? He got feedback on these fourms. Eric's Product as well, because people want this stuff, obviouslly Powerbasic doesn't have the time to make all the requests people ask for, but thats fine because I would like to make a few bucks

                          [email protected]


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                            One way to detect a modem:
                            ' Modem detection example. PST_xxx equates are in Winbase.h
                            #INCLUDE ""
                            %PST_MODEM = &h00000006&
                            FUNCTION PBMAIN () AS LONG
                            LOCAL lRet&,lComm&,lCommProp AS CommProp
                              COLOR 15,0
                              lComm& = CreateFile("COM1",%GENERIC_READ OR %GENERIC_WRITE,0,BYVAL %Null,%OPEN_EXISTING,%FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED,BYVAL %NULL)
                              IF lRet = %INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE THEN EXIT FUNCTION
                              lRet = GetCommProperties(lComm&,lCommProp)
                              IF lCommProp.dwProvSubType = %PST_MODEM THEN PRINT "Modem on Com 1"
                              CloseHandle lComm&
                              lComm& = CreateFile("COM2",%GENERIC_READ OR %GENERIC_WRITE,0,BYVAL %Null,%OPEN_EXISTING,%FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED,BYVAL %NULL)
                              IF lRet = %INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE THEN EXIT FUNCTION
                              lRet = GetCommProperties(lComm&,lCommProp)
                              IF lCommProp.dwProvSubType = %PST_MODEM THEN PRINT "Modem on Com 2"
                              CloseHandle lComm&
                              lComm& = CreateFile("COM3",%GENERIC_READ OR %GENERIC_WRITE,0,BYVAL %Null,%OPEN_EXISTING,%FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED,BYVAL %NULL)
                              IF lRet = %INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE THEN EXIT FUNCTION
                              lRet = GetCommProperties(lComm&,lCommProp)
                              IF lCommProp.dwProvSubType = %PST_MODEM THEN PRINT "Modem on Com 3"
                              CloseHandle lComm&
                              lComm& = CreateFile("COM4",%GENERIC_READ OR %GENERIC_WRITE,0,BYVAL %Null,%OPEN_EXISTING,%FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED,BYVAL %NULL)
                              IF lRet = %INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE THEN EXIT FUNCTION
                              lRet = GetCommProperties(lComm&,lCommProp)
                              IF lCommProp.dwProvSubType = %PST_MODEM THEN PRINT "Modem on Com 4"
                              CloseHandle lComm&
                            END FUNCTION
                            Kind regards,

                            "Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability"


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                              Thank you, for responding with the code. I copied and pasted
                              it immediately to a file on my system. I have not had the time
                              to test it yet, but it's looks like what I have wanted.
                              If all is well, I can continue with the development of
                              additional features to my current programs.

                              As for other replies this thread has received, if I was rude to
                              Stephane, I apologize. I just feel that he has posted enough
                              wish lists about the same thing. Give Powerbasic a chance to
                              work on it, they will come up with the answers, and they
                              will be great as they always have been.

                              If any of the members have questions about any of the
                              following items, I will be more than happy to give my input:

                              Julian Date,Time, and String Functions, or File Locking and
                              Unlocking. All written in ASM and PowerBasic PBDLL60 and in a
                              DLL. As for file locks and unlocks, I was writing code
                              (when I was 38 years old) for this problem in 1980 in ASM 6502,
                              on one of the first multi-user micro's on the market,
                              OSI (Ohio Scientific,Inc.). By the way, OSI's basic language was
                              Microsoft Basic written by Bill Gates prior to it's use by IBM.
                              OSI paid him less than two thousand dollars for his code which
                              they made modifications too. How that two thousand has grown!!!!!

                              Again, thanks for your help, Peter.

                              Again, I apologize to Stephane.


                              pt AT pursuersoft DOT com


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                                Phil, regarding the detection of the modem commPort,

                                I have included the following code which demonstrates the algorithm that I use.
                                I haven't been able to get Peter's algorithm to work. It seems like it should
                                work, and it is more elegant than mine. I would like to make his work.

                                #COMPILE EXE
                                #DIM ALL
                                #INCLUDE ""
                                GLOBAL hWin AS LONG
                                DECLARE CALLBACK FUNCTION winProc
                                FUNCTION PBMAIN()AS LONG
                                   DIALOG NEW 0,"",,,120,90,%WS_SYSMENU TO hWin
                                   CONTROL ADD BUTTON, hWin, 100, "&Auto detect modem", 10, 10, 80, 20
                                   CONTROL ADD LABEL, hWin, 101, "", 10, 40, 90, 10
                                   DIALOG SHOW MODAL hWin&, CALL winProc
                                END FUNCTION
                                CALLBACK FUNCTION winProc
                                   LOCAL portNo AS INTEGER, i AS INTEGER
                                   LOCAL hComm AS LONG, commPort AS STRING
                                   LOCAL start AS SINGLE, n AS LONG, s AS STRING
                                   LOCAL fromModem AS STRING
                                   SELECT CASE CBMSG
                                      CASE %WM_COMMAND
                                         IF CBCTL = 100 THEN
                                            portNo = 0
                                            FOR i = 1 TO 4
                                               hComm = FREEFILE
                                               commPort = "COM" + TRIM$(STR$(i))
                                               COMM OPEN commPort AS #hComm
                                               IF ERRCLEAR THEN ITERATE FOR
                                               COMM SET #hComm, BAUD = 9600
                                               COMM SET #hComm, BYTE = 8
                                               COMM SET #hComm, PARITY = 0
                                               COMM SET #hComm, STOP = 0
                                               COMM SET #hComm, RXBUFFER = 1024
                                               COMM PRINT #hComm, "ATZ" + $CR
                                               start = TIMER
                                                  n = COMM(#hComm, RXQUE)
                                                  COMM RECV #hComm, n, fromModem
                                                  s = s + LCASE$(fromModem)
                                                  IF INSTR(s, "ok") THEN portNo = i: EXIT FOR
                                                  IF TIMER - start > 2 THEN ITERATE FOR
                                            NEXT i
                                            IF portNo = 0 THEN
                                               MSGBOX "Could not detect modem", %MB_ICONWARNING, "Modem Detection"
                                               s = "Modem on Comm port" + STR$(portNo)
                                               CONTROL SET TEXT hWin, 101, s
                                            END IF
                                            COMM CLOSE #hComm
                                         END IF
                                   END SELECT
                                END FUNCTION



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                                  Thanks Charles,

                                  I copied and pasted your code sample. I also have not been
                                  able to get Peter's code to work, but it looks like he taking
                                  the right avenue.

                                  My thoughts on this matter are somewhat similiar to your
                                  approach. Open each CommPort and initializing with ATZ and
                                  looking for the return answer of "OK".

                                  The three of us need to work on this problem, I think a standard
                                  function to find the Modem CommPort could be used by a lot of

                                  I will continue to play with Peter's code and also test yours
                                  to see what the results are.

                                  I am going to start a new thread on the subject, maybe we can
                                  get some more input on this matter. I'm going to put the
                                  subject in the PBCC forum.

                                  Thanks Again,


                                  pt AT pursuersoft DOT com


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                                    It's strange but true. Sometimes my routine doesn't detect an ISA or PC-Card modem (although it should according to the API bible...) It worked for me with PCI modems. I've found another method that worked for me on all modems I could find.
                                    Strange enough not as it should (GetCommModemStatus should return non-zero on detection, but it doesn't always)
                                    But testing lVal works. It tests the presence of the Modem's registers, and returns non-zero if found. (value depends on the modem's state)
                                    #Include ""
                                    Function PbMain () As Long
                                    Local lCnt&, lRet&, lComm&, lCommProp As CommProp, lCommName As Asciiz * 128,lVal As Long
                                      Color 15,0
                                      For lCnt = 1 To 8
                                       lCommName = "COM" + Trim$(Str$(lCnt))
                                       lComm& = CreateFile (lCommName, _
                                                            %GENERIC_READ Or %GENERIC_WRITE, _
                                                            0, _
                                                            ByVal %Null, _
                                                            %OPEN_EXISTING, _
                                                            0, _
                                                            ByVal %NULL)
                                        If (lComm& <> %INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) Then
                                          lRet = GetCommModemStatus (lComm&,lVal)
                                          If lVal Then Print lCommName + " - Modem present" Else Print lCommName + " - Port"
                                          CloseHandle lComm
                                          Print lCommName + " - No such port"
                                        End If
                                      Print "Press any key..."
                                    End Function
                                    Kind regards,

                                    "Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability"


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                                      Great work, it found my modem on Com 3, Wow!!, what I have
                                      been looking for.

                                      Can you respond on the operating system you are on, I am
                                      running WIN95 on my test machine. Do it in the PBCC forum.

                                      We need to determine if it work on 98, NT and 2000.

                                      I'm going to move your reply to PBCC under the new thread.

                                      Thanks again,


                                      pt AT pursuersoft DOT com


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                                        I still cannot get your code to detect my modem on commPort 4.
                                        The parameter lVal is zero for that port. I would like to get
                                        your code to work if possible.

                                        My code takes longer, but does detect my modem on port 4. I have
                                        a cheap, internal ISA modem installed on an ASUS motherboard with
                                        an AMD Athlon running at 550 mhz. I use Windows 98, 2nd ed. My
                                        modem has been a very reliable device and I would have thought that
                                        it should be easy to detect.