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Raspberry Pi 3B, W10 ioT & PB10.04

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  • Raspberry Pi 3B, W10 ioT & PB10.04

    Has anyone got these three together in a workable format? Or has anyone got a PB-created .exe to run on the 3B & W10 ioT?

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    Raspberry PI is an ARM CPU, nit x86 so not possible even using W10 IOT, but ….

    There are emulators for x86 out there for ARM and here is one which runs on the Raspberry PI (all of them):

    It offers x86 emulation as well as Windows emulation (likely based on Wine).

    Supports: Raspberry PI 1, zero, 2 and 3


    ODroid, Cubieboard, Banana PI, NVidia Jetson, and other ARM7 or ARM8 devices

    The price is cheap and it is currently on sale.
    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


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      I tried that Exagear one. It wouldn't run anything useful for me and I was only after very basics things.
      I gave up on it.


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        For somewhere more than a Raspberry Pi I have seen enough direct x86 based tiny boards that will run Windows 10. Have a look at this guy on Youtube.
        hutch at movsd dot com
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