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    Having trouble with the following code. When I try to compile it I get an error "Cannot access compiler results." Wonder if anyone else is having that problem.

    'DIM ALL
    Click image for larger version  Name:	search.ico Views:	1 Size:	714 Bytes ID:	776946
    Walt Decker

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    Hi Watl! I've not had the problem but I see about 10 thread with that phrase in the thread title. Should be some help hereabouts!


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      Thanks, Gary; however, none seem to address the error other than disk full, too many includes, or anti-virus. Other apps I have that use #resource icon won't work either but #resource bitmap compiles fine. This seems to have happened when I went to win10 64bit.

      Is there some way to set the DDT dialog icon other than using DIALOG SET ICON? I saw one that uses setclass, but I do not want all the DDT dialogs in this particular app to have the same icon.
      Walt Decker


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        I do not really know what I am talking about BUT

        I have used that successfully - someone else advised me!

        Three differences:

        1 I used the full path address for the icon
        2 I used 100 not 1
        3 I used #INCLUDE ""

        [I]I made a coding error once - but fortunately I fixed it before anyone noticed[/I]
        Kerry Farmer


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          When I download the 'Search.ico' from your post I get a 'bitmap with the wrong extension' if I try to open it with IrfanView.

          Check your program with one of the icons supplied with the compiler (eg ..\PBWin10\samples\DDT\Graphic\Hitgame\HITGAME.ICO).
          Rgds, Dave


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            The original problem in this thread "Cannot access compiler results." sounds like a couple virus scanner discussions here.

            Multiple dialogs do not have to have the same icon due to DIALOG SET ICON.
            #compile exe
            #dim all
            #resource icon, 100, "DYWinT32.ico" '"SEARCH.ICO"
            #resource icon, 101, ".\RandomByDice\ConsoleIcon.ico"
            %ID_OpenDlg2Btn =1000
            function pbmain () as long
              local hDlg as dword
              dialog new 0, "Dialog One", , , 100, 100, %ds_3dlook or %ds_modalframe or _
                 %ds_nofailcreate or %ds_setfont or %ws_clipsiblings or %ws_dlgframe or _
                 %ws_border or %ws_caption or %ws_popup or %ws_sysmenu, %ws_ex_left or _
                 %ws_ex_ltrreading or %ws_ex_rightscrollbar to hDlg
              dialog set icon hDlg, "#100"
              control add button, hDlg, %ID_OpenDlg2Btn, "Open 2nd Dialog", 5, 5, 70, 20
              dialog show modal hDlg call DlgCB
            end function
            callback function DlgCB() as long
              local hDlg2 as dword
              if cb.msg = %wm_command and _
                 cb.ctl = %ID_OpenDlg2Btn and _
                 cb.ctlmsg = %bn_clicked then
                dialog new cb.hndl, "Dialog Two", 50 , 50, 100, 100, %ds_3dlook or _
                   %ds_modalframe or %ds_nofailcreate or %ds_setfont or %ws_clipsiblings or _
                   %ws_dlgframe or %ws_border or %ws_caption or %ws_popup or %ws_sysmenu, _
                   %ws_ex_left or %ws_ex_ltrreading or %ws_ex_rightscrollbar to hDlg2
                dialog set icon hDlg2, "#101"
                dialog show modal hDlg2 call Dlg2CB
              end if
            end function
            callback function Dlg2CB() as long
            end function


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              Originally posted by Dave Biggs View Post

              When I download the 'Search.ico' from your post I get a 'bitmap with the wrong extension' if I try to open it with IrfanView.

              Check your program with one of the icons supplied with the compiler (eg ..\PBWin10\samples\DDT\Graphic\Hitgame\HITGAME.ICO).
              Yep, it's not a .ico file, it's a .bmp file with the wrong extension.

              Rename it to .bmp, open it in Irfanview and then save it as a .ico file. Actually, I've done it for you: search.ico
              Attached Files


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                Well, that certainly taught me something. I made the original "icon" with the image edit that came with pbwin10. Guess I didn't watch closely enough when I saved it the app saved it as a bmp rather than an ico.

                Thank you.
                Walt Decker


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                  With ImageEdit the decision between bitmap, icon and cursor is at the beginning.

                  File, New popup with 3 radio buttons and 3 regular buttons.


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                    Don't feel bad Walt, I didn't even know Image Edit was there, or I forgot it was there if I ever knew.
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                      ImageEdit is ancient software (Copyright MS, 1990-1995) and is extremely limited. Lots of better alternatives have been developed over the last 23 years :0

                      It only handles very low res icons/cursors. Maximum size/colour depth is 32x32 pixel, 16 colour Try opening an icon you got from somewhere else to edit it and you will probably get an error message.


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                        Some years ago I got tired of doing small images the hard way and bought the professional version of Axialis Icon Workshop. I use it for icons, toolbar image strips and any other small image for any other purpose. There are a few freebies around but if your time and effort matter to you, Axialis Icon Workshop pays for itself very quickly. I also have their cursor editor and just occasionally I knock out a custom cursor for an app.
                        hutch at movsd dot com
                        The MASM Forum



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                          Ditto on Axialis Icon Workshop. Best ever. Used it for over a decade now.