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Connecting HTML File with a Folder

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  • Connecting HTML File with a Folder

    Following a link Pierre gave on shFileOperation, I saw that it discussed connecting an HTML file with a folder. I'd seen it done, but didn't know how to make it happen. The shFileOperation page gives a simple example to demonstrate how it work. Very cool.

    I have not needed to do that, but it is interesting to know the technique

    Connecting Files

    With Windows 2000 or later, it is possible to connect an HTML file with a folder that contains related files such as Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images or style sheets. If file connection is enabled, when you move or copy the HTML file, the connected folder and all of its files are also moved or copied. Conversely, if you move the folder with the related files, the HTML file is also moved.
    I wonder if PowerBASIC FileCopy supports that connection... have to go give it a try.