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Forms2.01.0104 space to tab issue

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  • Forms2.01.0104 space to tab issue

    I recently sent an email to support on this, so this may be redundant. I will update if I learn anything.

    I updated to Forms2.01.0104.

    When loading old projects and saving, I get the following conversion of spaces to tabs. Basically my tab of 3 spaces is converted to one tab plus 2 spaces, thus messing up the result when I get back into PBWIN.

    Any solutions?

    Thank you.

    Click image for larger version

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    In PBWin IDE in menu item Window | Options | File tab - uncheck "Save using Tab compression."



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      OK, I checked. It is already unchecked. However, I suspect the new Forms is doing the save with compression, so I tested by checking this option.

      This does in fact correct this issue.

      So it would seem that the newest forms needs to have these complementary check states so you can get both sides to line up. I suspect forms is defaulting to tab compression.

      PB support, any answers on this?


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        Are we talking about PBForms 2.01? Because my copy (2.01.0102) has no Tab Compression option, and generates no tab characters in source code.

        The screen shots in post 1; just some other program to show difference between tabs and spaces, or what you're calling Forms? ((my PBForms looks nothing like that!)){{and PBWin IDE uses no tabs unless that mentioned box is checked}}



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          Currently using Forms2.01.0104

          Correct, no tab compression option in Forms.

          However, editing a project in forms, saving replaced each 6 spaces with one tab and 2 spaces. See figure from SVN diff above.

          Weird. Seems like a bug.

          Email sent to support.


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            Correct, no tab compression option in Forms.
            Then where did tabs come from?


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              That is the question to ask! No clue. BTW Bang support emailed back and will be addressing soon.


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                Who is Bang?


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                  Hi Dean,

                  Looking at the screenshots in post #1, I see line numbers to the left side of the listing. I use the PB IDE, and have never seen that.

                  What IDE are you using? Does it convert spaces/tabs automatically?



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                    John, the image shown in from the SVN code difference. The ____ is a tab and ... is three spaces. My tabs are set to three spaces. So the original code for two indents is:

                    ......Coding etc.

                    which got converted to:

                    ____..Coding etc.

                    So when reading back in, many lines were shorted by one space.

                    Dale, Bang = PB. It's my moniker to relabel the language since the word BASIC is drab and invites criticism. Bang is obscure, unused. B would be fine too. But I recall the B language as the Richie precursor to C. Feel free to adopt.