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  • Guiruler source?

    I can't seem to find the source for GuiRuler? is it available?

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    Post #14:
    "Version 1.35 uploaded to Post #13.
    Jim Dunn enquired about the source when perfected. Well, it is far from perfect but this is the final version ( ) so in the zip is a folder named Source which has the bas, rc and cursors which will compile without further ado."


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      Thanks a million.


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        I found a bug after three years, see post #19. However, the zip in post #19 only has the exe and chm files. The exe will not load Magnify in Win10.

        I am actually using a variant which works in Win10 and was using it only recently with a FreeBASIC GUI, using José Roca's WinFBX framework.

        The source in post #13 is readable but do not use it for production purposes.

        GUIRuler needs a revisit, it is getting a bit long in the tooth now using the old-fashioned pbr file.

        Here is a zipped folder of what I am using in Win10, exe and chm files only.


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          I have just put all the source files into a folder, including the chm file, compiled GUIRuler.bas with PBWin10. Win10's Magnify is working fine.

          James, why did you want the source code after so long? GUIRuler is based upon Gary Beene's gbRuler at version 3.05 (18 Feb 2011)

          Added: I forgot to mention that I recompiled the rc file to update the Property Sheet and had to use PBWin9 to create the pbr file, PBWin10 gave a fatal error.
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            ...why did you want the source code after so long?
            I thought it was realy slick and wondered if there was anything I could steal.


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              Can I have that in writing? Oh, wait, you just did.

              I am a party-pooper, it is copy righted. Actually, help yourself to any of the source code which is mine, much is Gary Beene's code. However, I will 'dig in' on the cursor* cur files, they are mine.