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Looking for a local area network enumerator program

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  • Looking for a local area network enumerator program

    Hi All

    I'm looking for a LAN enumerator program which can list out the hardware configurations of all the pcs and printers, servers in a Local Area Network.
    Does this forum has this type of program. Alternately, where can I get a commercial network enumerator program ?
    Thanks to all

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    How long is an idea?
    Write it down.


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      NetServerEnum, WNetOpenEnum, and WNetEnumResource api


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        Thank you Mike and Pierre, that's a lot of good stuff to digest

        BTW, Pierre are you from the Quebec province?

        I wonder how to pronounce Quebec properly -- is it pronounce as Kuu Bek or Kwi Bek ?
        I have heard all kinds of pronunciations and I don't know which is correct


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          On Google translate, hit the speaker to ear French or English pronunciation of Québec

          [Added later...]
          I look at your profile, I guess being from Toronto you know about the English pronunciation. :-)
          We are almost neighbor...
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            Thanks Pierre, yeah there were many here who pronounce it as Kuu Bek and some Kwi Bek and yet some Ke Bec
            but I would stick to Kuu Bek


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              How long is an idea?
              Write it down.