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Getting Tips Error

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  • Getting Tips Error

    When rebooting I sometimes get this error:

    We're having trouble getting your tips
    I can't find much about it on Google. Anyone know what it is? It seems to be from MS Windows 10 but it's a bit vague on that.

    I just close down the notifying window and go about my business.

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    Probably has to do with "The Windows 10 Tips Notifications" you can turn them off.
    Settings-> System -> Notification & Actions
    depending on version of windows 10 the tips can be turned off differently. (In my case it's "Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use windows")

    you can also try to check the Event Viewer there may be more info on the error.

    My guess network not ready yet when it tries to get the Tips from MS server.


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      Howdy, Rod!

      The funny thing is that the Notifications are already turned off.