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Setting a variable crashes the program

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    Well Bud, you haven't mentioned trying #DEBUG DISPLAY ON yet, and complimented with labels, this has never failed me that I can recall.
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      Originally posted by George Bleck View Post
      Hate to sound negative but then programming isn't the best line of work for you then :-)
      Au contrair, I think it IS a good line of work for me, but in this case there was an unbreakable deadline looming. Putting similar but different code in place resolved the issue so I was able to make the other required changes and deliver the updated program.

      Troubleshooting, sometimes tedious and time consuming, is part and parcel to programming. Without seeing the entire code, or at minimum the smallest compileable version that still shows the error, there is not much we have to go on to help you.
      Completely understood, and alas that is part of the problem. I try to do mods one at time -- code, test, verify, test again, then move to the next change. This was the first of a couple changes to a program that has otherwise been running for 6 months without a single issue. The engineer in me said "what did you change last?" I undid that, and the problem went away, and could not be made to come up again. Add the code back, and the problem comes back. Part of the problem with troubleshooting the program in question is that it is quite large -- a couple dozen forms, dozens of different reports, interfaces to two different databases. To comment out one section of code to see if it is causing problems later on is somewhat like jenga -- pull this thing, and that other thing falls down. I would love to spend the next week investigating this, but that's not possible.

      I don't want to sound like I don't appreciate everyone's advice; far from it. My original inquiry was not to declare that I had found a problem with the compiler, but rather to confirm that I wasn't bumping up against a known issue. I always assume that I'm dealing with trouble of my own making, and I like to think I'm pretty good about doing my due troubleshooting diligence.

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        Well, so far I've only found a one line subroutine call that was causing some of my issues. Still looking. Ahh I also had to remove the code I put in to mitigate the problem. Sweet. One out of 12000. EjectDrive issue has been solved. Whew...