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Exe -> PbDll -> PbDll -> registered Dll

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  • Exe -> PbDll -> PbDll -> registered Dll

    I wrote a Pb-dll with references to a registered windows-dll (DAO).
    In this Dll are some objects for data-access.
    This Dll works fine if I call the objects from an exe-file.
    Now I wrote an other Pb-dll in which I create objects from the first dll.
    When I call this dll from an exe-file the objects from the first dll will be created (without error) - the objects from DAO will be created without error, but in case of the first access to the dao-object the program crashes with an gpo, because the DAO-Object is not valid.
    All dlls and the exe-file are in the same folder (exept DAO).
    All .inc - files are correct (All objects will be created without error and there are no undefined errors while compiling).
    I've no idea, what happend in this case.

    May be someone else has an idea?
    thanks in advance