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  • gbThreads v9 Release

    gbThreads v9.08 is available for download at

    The new release is primarily to provide compatibility with threads from the new PowerBASIC forum. It contains forum threads through early March.
    • Users must download the 500MB installation file monthly to get the latest threads and index files.
    • The 50K forum threads are now kept in a single file. This will make it easier for folks to move/copy/delete files on their PC. Individual threads can be extracted.
    • The look of the app is the same - no changes to the user interface.
    • Basic capabilities remain the same, but I did remove a number of what I consider less-used or less-critical features. I'll list those in a later post and am open to restoring features if anyone feels the need.
    • This time around, I'll be releasing all of the source code - for downloading threads, creating needed index files and for the gbThreads EXE.
    My thanks go out to Adam Drake, Juergen Kuehlwein, Mikael Tobiasson and John Montenigro for their valuable help in getting this new release out.

    As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Since I'm sheltered at home during this corona virus pandemic, I should have time to respond to feedback!

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    There are 2 known, minor issues I want to fix:
    • The embedded browser Find dialog does not always fill with the search term
    • The combobox edit control cursor sometimes disappears even when focus is on the control

    My GoDo list includes:
    • Incremental updates
    • Code section syntax highlighting and indentation
    • Restore option to select font and color settings
    • Poffs view of threads (all text)
    • On-disk binary search to reduce EXE runtime memory requirements and to speed load time
    • Faster column sorts in thread list
    • Extract all posts from a specific author into a viewable thread
    • Make forum zip files available to users from an archive on my site


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      Big thanks to all those who made this possible.


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        Hey Gary,

        I guess it have been a tremendous work.
        You are a my champion.

        Thank you my Lord.


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          Will download later but fantastic work, Gary - thanks! You really got skills..


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            If I got a penny for every time I used gbThreads I'd be rolling in it now. Thanks, Gary.


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              Hi Gary,

              If you feel like it, you may have a look at the IDE button code.
              It could be nice to have the opened file as the active one.
              On my side, after a couple of try, none of the files to be reopen where there.
              They are lost too if I start the IDE from Windows Explorer.

              I'm not sure if you saw my last post ... IDE Loses Opened File List


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                Howdy, Pierre!
                Yes, I remember seeing in the default.pbprj file how to designate a file as the Active file. I'll put that on my GoDo list.

                However, I expect that normally I will want to open the context from gbThreads by itself in the IDE. That's why I added the "Import Solo" option.

                gbThreads doesn't default to that "ON" because it changes the default.pbprj, erasing the list of files that a user might expect to see when they next open the IDE.

                I use the Import Solo setting myself. I use ".PBPRJ" files when I want to ensure that a specific list of files opens with the IDE (I don't depend on the default.pbprj file).


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                  Wait Pierre ...

                  >>On my side, after a couple of try, none of the files to be reopen where there.They are lost too if I start the IDE from Windows Explorer.

                  Maybe I didn't catch what this means.

                  When I open the IDE from within gbThreads, with Import Solo OFF, the IDE opens with the new code PLUS the files that were open in the previous session. Are you saying that does not happen for you?

                  Honeymoon is over ... But thanks for reporting what you're seeing. Tell me more and I'll respond.


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                    When gbThreads exports to the IDE, it does so by creating a file called "temp.bas" that is loaded in the IDE. It does that every time, using the same file name.

                    It does not create "temp001.bas", "temp002.bas", ...

                    Is that what you're noticing? Such that the content of previous temp.bas files is not kept session to session?

                    Perhaps I need to increment the value of "temp001.bas" so that gbThreads does not overwrite previous imports to the IDE. I'll put that on my GoDo list.

                    In the mean time, users will have to Save As the temp.bas if they want to keep it permanently.


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                      Hey Buddy,

                      I see, I didn't realize the "Import solo" meaning,
                      that's what append when you don't read the manual.

                      Again, impressive work!


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                        Thank you, Gary!
                        In some future era, dark matter and dark energy will only be found in Astronomy's Dark Ages.


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                          gbThreads v9.081 is available via the built-in Online Update.
                          • Save Maximized/Minimized state between sessions
                          • When importing to IDE, the temporary code file is numbered temp0000.bas ... temp0001.bas ... temp0002 ... etc.
                          • When importing To IDE, the default.pbprj Is modified to make the imported file the Active file.
                          • Minor adjustments to ListView col widths


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                            Much faster than McDonald!
                            Thank Gary.


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                              Has anyone had trouble using online update to get v9.081? One user did an upgrade and got a failure when it re-opened. I don't see that here. Has anyone else seen it? Looking for clues ...


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                                I tried yesterday, after a 5 or 10 minutes, I was unsure of what was going on, so I closed the app.
                                When I restarted, If I try "Online update" I got a beep.
                                I can I see v9.081 in the title bar.
                                So far so good.


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                                  Hey Master,
                                  One suggestion...
                                  Since gbThreads take some time on my old machine to load,
                                  specifically the first time when the cache is uninitiated,
                                  I would appreciate a splash screen to tell me that the beast is waking up.
                                  Absolutely no rush and only if you feel like it...



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                                    Thank you very much Gary, very good work.


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                                      I updated today and got the below message twice, then I restarted gbThreads and it told me it was v9.081

                                      Click image for larger version

Name:	2020-03-29_164154.png
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Size:	6.1 KB
ID:	791607


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                                        Howdy, Mikael!
                                        Bummer on that. I suggest you delete everything and get again. I can't match what you're seeing, but would like to make sure we're both at the same release - which is now 9.084.

                                        And, howdy, Pierre!
                                        You've not seen the problem Mikael is seeing?

                                        Even so, please do an online update to v9.084. It has the splash screen you asked for. The splash screen is optional.