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  • Wow!! This is great Gary!! Thanks!!


    • Gary,
      Sometime in a search I put a period before a type element.
      Like the h_aliases element from hostent type.
      Using a dot prefix like in .h_aliases, I can do a better search for variable that where defined, excluding h_aliases from type.

      In gbThreads with "=" exact string, if I use .h_aliases, I got 4 results, none have .h_aliases but have h_aliases instead.
      Does this mean that even using "=" exact string, the dot is excluded as if it is not a valid word character?


      • "RtlWriteDecodedUcsDataIntoSmartLBlobUcsWritingContext" Lol


        • Good morning, Pierre! Hold that thought ... working on something to address that ...


          • Pierre,

            You're asked a trick question! In my word index files, I do not find an occurrence of ".h_aliases". I also ran a separate test to scan all thread content and I don't see ".h_aliases" there either. So a search with that term should not have found a match, as best I can tell.

            But the simpler ".h_alias" is in the word index, as is "h_aliases" (without the dot).

            224287 :: .h\0 :: 1399867 :: 1399867
            224288 :: .h\2 :: 1399868 :: 1399868
            224289 :: .h_alias :: 1399869 :: 1399869 '<--- no .h_aliases following this ...
            224290 :: .h_dc :: 1399870 :: 1399870
            224291 :: .h_fnt :: 1399871 :: 1399872

            Can you point out a thread that DOES has the ".h_aliases" in it? Perhaps my word indexing code needs a tweak? I love tweaking!


            • Hey,
              There is none I guess.
              I could search for ".....h_aliases" or "()()h_aliases" I will get the same 4 result.
              I guess it's normal for this kind of string not to be in the index as a word.

              Still, I was under the impression that searching with "= exact string" could only find ".h_aliases"
              From your help I got String: Matching threads must contain the exact string entered into the search term box.
              Does I get this right or is there some filtering to remove non word character?


              • Hi Gary,

                For some reason, when I try to download "gbTreads" via the link in your post #128 I always get a "Not found" indication. The same happens when I try to download it from your site's page on the link ( ).

                Is there a link I can download from?

                Thank you very much for your attention.

                "The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine." - Abraham Lincoln.


                • Does this mean that even using "=" exact string, the dot is excluded as if it is not a valid word character?
                  If he's using regular expressions it's not!

                  (Obviously have not looked at the code),
                  Michael Mattias
                  Tal Systems (retired)
                  Port Washington WI USA
                  [email protected]


                  • Howdy Arthur!

                    Sorry for the problem. I'm working on a new version of gbThreads and temporarily disabled the link. It may take me a couple of days, but I'll try to restore the file and put the link on its web page.


                    • Hi Gary, nice to know that you have found time for gbThreads again