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    This is for discussion of code "At a Glance" posted by Rodney in the Source Code forum.

    Howdy, Rodney!
    As I understand it, your app is a bit like a clipboard viewer, where a history of clipboard entries is stored and can be browsed in a popup window? Except that in your app, it's like having a 2nd clipboard in which only code is placed, leaving the Windows clipboard available for normal use.

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    Yes, the clipboard is free for normal use.

    Doesn't necessarily limit one to code, a list of to do items as reminders, display formulas or small amounts of data are other possibilities that others may have.
    I really need and have needed some sort of help with my short term memory and I can't remember all member names of a 16 member type definition and this was the simplest, quickest, least obtrusive thing I could think of.

    Any contents in it are destroyed on any subsequent action rather than keeping a record of contents, but that's a thought I never had but might have had if I'd been using it for a while.

    Since it collapses to a 22 pixel height when not needed it's very unobtrusive.

    For anyone wanting to add a feature, the title could be replaced with another 'button' or two.

    Thanks for mentioning the storing a series, I'll be thinking on that.
    I want not 'not', not Knot, not Knott, not Nott, not knot, not naught, not nought, but aught.