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Last Windows 10 Update and .hlp files

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  • Last Windows 10 Update and .hlp files

    I used to replace winhlp32.exe in C:\Windows with an old one i have from a XP system and everything was fine. After the last update (the one with Microsoft Edge) this doesn´t work anymore. Replacing winhlp32.exe as usual doesn´t help. I keep getting a messagebox with "(9009)", which is extremly frustrating. I have a bunch of old .hlp files i still would like to use, because there is no adequate replacement.

    Among other things i tried adding dlls (ftlx041e.dll, ftlx0411.dll, ftsrch.dll) to \system32 to no avail - it just doesn´t work anymore.

    Any ideas how to make it work again would be highly appreciated - thanks


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    How about this?


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      Thanks Jim,

      two or three years ago i already tried it with a very poor result, maybe it works better now. I will try again.

      In the meantime i made a system restore and guess what - it failed because of an unknown error - thank you so much Microsoft for repeatedly destroying my system! It doesn´t matter which way, again it will cost me many uselessly spent hours with fixing problems i would never have had, if there weren´t these "updates"



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        Ask me again why I've kept Windows 7 on my development machine


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          In the meantime i was able to fix it. .hlp files work again for me in the latest Windows 10.

          I don´t know why Microsoft definitely wants to spoil it. Of course it´s a workaround and .hlp aren´t officially supported nor recommended anymore. But it´s one thing to cut support, to declare something "deprecated" and to recommend using something different, and it´s another thing to make using it impossible on purpose.


          i tried, what you recommended. It´s much better now, but not really good and far from perfect. It´s better than nothing, but in order to get a 1 to 1 conversion, there is still much additional work to do, e.g. fixing links, images and index must often be done manually. Not a problem, if there are only a few, a big problem, if there are many.