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  • Which monitor?

    A client has called asking for help with this. Our app which makes no reference to monitor IDs has been running happily for many years on W/W10 PCs with one monitor. The client has now added a second monitor (at this stage I don't know with what hardware or how) and reports that our application opens on the 'wrong' screen and that even after being dragged to the 'right' screen, it reverts back to the 'wrong' screen whenever SHELLing to another .exe. Clearly I need to tell every one of our .exe's which monitor to display on - how?

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    Save your app screen coordinates when exit
    use those coordinates next time the app is executed.

    this was discuses recently (post#2 do saving and reading and #18 in case one monitor is removed)


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      Or tell the client to make the other monitor his system's primary monitor. Apps open there by default, unless they remember their location.

      P.S. Apps that do that should check to make sure the screen location is valid, and default to the primary monitor if the secondary has been disconnected. Otherwise they disappear.
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        Don't forget to quote the client a price to customise your application so that it can open on secondary monitors for them.