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Manuel's program for browsing large csv files

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  • Manuel's program for browsing large csv files

    Hi Manuel , refer to your program at

    can you or someone retranslate this program to PBWin ? as I only have PBWin 10
    Thank you for your attention

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    Hi Tim,

    I'll work in a Graphic Windows version, which could be compiled with both PBWIN and PBCC. Many thanks for your interest.


    In the meantime maybe you can test this compiled version.
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      Originally posted by Tim Lakinir View Post
      can you or someone retranslate this program to PBWin ?
      Translating that would be rather pointless since well over 90% of that application is involved in the console display.

      You could do it a LOT more easily in PBWin 10 from scratch.

      Basically all you need to do is

      1. Parse the data file into a large array. (PARSECOUNT and PARSE are a lot easier than Manuel's cumbersome process)
      2. Use a (virtual?) Listview to display selected sections of the data.

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        I re-indented the code in Source Code. And made one notable change -
            SCA = con.inshift '<<==== added before the SELECT CASEs
            select case ucase$(O$)
                'IF MID$(BIN$(INSHIFT,8),5,1)="1" THEN '<<=== replaced this
                if bit(SCA, 3) then 'If left control down '<<=== with this (no convert to string then MID$()
        in multiple places.
        I suggest change from console to TXT.WINDOW as more "do-able". Then it may be compiled in PBWin or PBCC. Also F1 takes me to MSDN instead of help in the code.



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          Thanks Dale,

          Will study both issues.


          Answering to Tim I forgot to point out that the code was intended specifically for PBCC, to handle big CSV files, meaning 10 million lines with tens of fields. That seems to me difficult and slower to handle with a single big array.


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            I think I will just open the csv file in excel


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              Howdy, Tim!

              Doesn't gbGrid open CSV files? I've not looked at it in a while. It's a PBWin app.



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                Pierre has a CSV Viewer on his website.


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                  Thank you Sirs, let me check these web links out


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                    FWIW,, you may treat CSV files as either an ODBC or OLE database and read them with your favorite "view a database" tool.

                    Michael Mattias
                    Tal Systems (retired)
                    Port Washington WI USA
                    [email protected]