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    Howdy, George!

    As a gesture of good will, perhaps I should share my freeware revenue with you?


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      Okie, dokie, EZFree v2.0 is now available. I went from an ImgButtonX-based interface to using a Graphic control with images the user clicks. The primary advantage is that I can provide FG/BG color pairs on the fly for users and also modify icons from within the app on the fly. I've added about a dozen new features as well. All of the EZFree links on the Source Code forum and on the EZFree website will get you v2.0 files.

      The EZFree website provides full details, but here are the more useful new features:

      New Features:
      1. Graphic surface as user interface
      2. Allow user to cycle through 4 sets of FG/BG color pairs. (Ctrl-C)
      3. Merged Links and Settings into a single user-editable Settings file
      4. EZFree automatically updates after the user edits Settings
      5. Removed almost all Resource icons, dropping the EXE by about 70%
      6. Added an optional visual "Separator" button to separate the 4 action icons from the 5 link icons
      7. The first 4 action icons are drawn by code instead of using Resource icons
      8. Allows the 4 action icons to be displayed as letters, as are the link icons. (Ctrl-G)
      9. Allow cycling through 5 recommended groups of visible icons, including display of all icons. (Ctrl-A)
      10. Popup display of Shortcuts (just a MsgBox, need to revised it to larger text) (Ctrl-K)
      11. Control-Arrow Key dialog movement changed to a smaller pixel movement to give better positioning
      12. Added symbols to caption and to 1st icon to indicate when the app has focus (so user will know that keyboard shortcuts will apply)
      13. The Matrix screen saver no longer uses a dialog of its own. The EZFree dialog Graphic control is used to display the screensaver
      14. The "User Color Pair" - the 4th color pair - is saved in the INI file. So, a manual edit is possible. I'll eventually add an easier, programmatic way to change the 4th pair.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	ezfree_colors.jpg Views:	0 Size:	32.7 KB ID:	805013

      The code went through a ton of changes, so please let me know if you find something amiss.

      As always, comments and suggestions are welcome!