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  • Listview changes since PB9

    Hi all! Been years since I've worked with Powerbasic, last program I made was in PB7/8 which used a huge Listview, back then a Listview was way too slow to really work with so I used a virtual Listview. I now upgraded to PB10 just for the fun of it and need to change some stuff in my old program. But I discovered that since PB9 there is a tonne of new Listview stuff.

    Would it make sense to change my virtual Listview to this new type? Or is it still slow when it get big?

    Many thanks!

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    It's still the same WIndows control under the hood. I doubt that you will notice any major speed improvement with a large dataset.


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      Thanks for getting back, now I’m getting more and more back into the code and its workings again, indeed still need a virtual listview


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        How about using MLG (My Little Grid)?
        Fim Wästberg