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  • Graphic render ??

    I use GRAPHIC RENDER BITMAP "kalle.bmp" (100, 200)-(300, 400). Is "kalle.bmp" loaded at compilation and is in the .EXE program or is "kalle.bmp" loaded at execution. I can't read it in the manual.​
    /Fim W.
    Fim Wästberg

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    In that form it is loaded from disk at run time, (execution)

    From help:
    If the string name contains a period, it's presumed to be the name of a disk file. Otherwise, an attempt is made to load it as a resource; if not found, it's presumed to be a disk file.

    if you use a resource number it will come from the EXE program, if you included it as a resource.
    # Resource BITMAP, 123, "kalle.bmp"

    GRAPHIC RENDER BITMAP "#123" (100, 200)-(300, 400).


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      It would only be in the .exe if you included it in your source with a # RESOURCE BITMAP line. Then you would refer to it by its ResID (which can't contain a period), not by name.