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Need an ASM guru :)

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    Need an ASM guru :)

    I do not remember where I retrieved this code from, but it is available in the public domain....

    Has anyone already got a PB version of this code?
    If not, does someone have the ability to easily convert this to PB?
    It's greek to me for the most part because it does the DOS screen and the encryption...and I can READ ASM but I cant' write it...


    .radix 16
    ; RIJNDAEL cipher program (DOS) Using
    ; CFB block chaining, supporting 128,
    ; 192, And 256-Bit blocks And keys And
    ; UC file Name (repeated) As IV
    ; This program incorporates a Davies-
    ; Meyer Type key hash With 00 As IV
    ; The Input key length is 2*blockbytes,
    ; which more closely matches entropy
    ; of user Input To that of cipher
    ; This version can be assembled On the
    ; A86 shareware assembler, available
    ; From [url=""][/url]  And runs On Any '86
    ; Copyright April 12, 2000 by
    ; Robert G. Durnal ([email protected])
    ; Released For free use by anyone!
    ; Source posted under 'Unrestricted
    ; Source Code' license exception to
    ; EAR regulations
    ; Block Size In bits = 32 x NCOLS
    ; Key Size In bits = 32 x NKEYS
    NCOLS equ 8 ; May be 4, 6, Or 8
    NKEYS equ 8 ; May be 4, 6, Or 8
    READSIZE equ 0C000
    DATABUF equ 1084 ; Value saves 1 Byte
    PWR_TAB equ 0E00
    LOG_TAB equ 0F00
    SBOX equ LOG_TAB
    ROUNDS equ 6+NCOLS
    ROUNDS equ 6+NKEYS
    ; Routines For RIJNDAEL S-box creation
    ; derived From formulas In Dr. Brian
    ; Gladman's RIJNDAEL implementation
    ; First prepare Pwr And Log tables.
    ; For (i=0; p=1; i<256; ++i)
    ; {
    ; pwr_tab[i]=p; log_tab[p]=i;
    ; p=p^(p<<1)^(p&0x80?0x01b:0)
    ; }
    mov di,pwr_tab
    mov bp,di ; Save pointer To CFBBUF
    mov bh,log_tab/100
    mov cx,100
    inc ax ; DOS starts AX At 0000
    mov bl,al
    xchg ax,di
    mov [bx],al ; Store Log value
    xchg ax,di
    stosb ; And Pwr value
    mov ah,al ; Compute Next Pwr
    Call xtime ; (p<<1)^(p&0x80?0x1b:0)
    Xor al,ah ; p^(p<<1)^(p&0x80?0x1b:0)
    Loop maketabloop
    ; Now use those tables To Create S-box
    ; OK To overwrite Log table.
    ; For (i=0; i<256; ++i)
    ; {
    ; p=(i?(pwr_tab[255-log_tab[i]]):0);
    ; q=p;
    ; q=(q>>7) | (q<<1); p^=q;
    ; q=(q>>7) | (q<<1); p^=q;
    ; q=(q>>7) | (q<<1); p^=q;
    ; q=(q>>7) | (q<<1); p^=q^0x63;
    ; sbx_tab[i]=p;
    ; }
    MAKESBOX: ; Starts With CX = 0
    mov bx,bp ; --> PWR_TAB For XLAT
    db 0D6 ; Clears AL To start
    SBOXLOOP: ; AL = p, AH = q
    mov ah,al ; q=p
    mov ch,4 ; CX always 04xx here
    MAKES1: ; C formula For ROL q,1
    rol ah,1 ; q=(q>>7) | (q<<1)
    Xor al,ah ; p ^= q
    dec ch
    jnz makes1 ; 4 times
    Xor al,63 ; Here CH always 00
    stosb ; Store computed value
    mov al,[di] ; Get Next log_tab[i]
    Not al ; 255-log_tab[i]
    xlat ; pwr_tab[255-log_tab[i]]
    Loop sboxloop
    CHECKCMD: ; Check cmd Line syntax
    mov si,80 ; Default DTA location
    cmp al,4 ; Check For parameters
    jc exit1
    Sub al,'+' ; Test for encrypt (+)
    jz getkey
    Add b[direction],al
    Sub al,2 ; Test For decrypt (-)
    jnz exit1
    push si ; SI --> FileName In DTA
    mov dx,askforkey
    mov ah,9 ; Solicit via STDOUT
    Int 21
    mov dl,keybuf Mod 100
    mov ah,0A
    Int 21 ; Get key via STDIN
    mov ax,3
    Int 10 ; Clear key From screen
    xchg si,dx ; SI --> KEYBUF DX = 0084
    lodsb ; SI --> KEYARRAY
    xchg ax,di ; DI = Length of key
    Add di,si ; DI = CR In KEYARRAY
    mov cl,2*keybytes
    rep movsb ; Move more than enough
    mov di,bp ; CFBBUF
    mov cl,2*keybytes
    PUSHKEY: ; Push All key bytes
    dec si ; Push In reverse order
    mov al,[si]
    push ax ; Only AL will be used
    db 0D6 ; Zero AL by SALC
    stosb ; Clear CFBBUF this Loop
    Loop pushkey ; Sets 00 IV For hash
    HASHKEY: ; Hash the Input key
    mov cl,blockbytes
    mov di,bp
    POPKEY: ; Pop key Mat'l to CFBBUF
    pop ax
    push bx ; BL always 00 here
    pop bx ; Overwrite key In stack
    cmp sp,0FFFC ; Restrict POPs ó PUSHs
    loopnz popkey
    Call keysched ; Make key And encrypt
    mov di,bp
    mov cl,blockbytes/2
    mov si,keyarray
    KEYCRYPT: ; Mix With original key
    mov ax,[di]
    Xor [si],ax
    movsw ; Dup In CFBBUF = New IV
    cmp si,keyarray+keybytes ; End of key?
    loopnz keycrypt
    cmp sp,0FFFC
    jnc endhash ; No more PUSHed Data
    inc cx
    Loop keycrypt-3 ; ð JCXNZ
    jmp hashkey
    EXIT1: ; Bad cmd Line Show usage
    mov si,offset usage
    Exit: ; Print Error messages via INT29
    Int 29
    Or al,al
    jnz Exit
    ret ; INT20 Exit via PSP 00
    Call keysched ; Final key schedule
    pop dx
    mov si,dx ; DX --> fname In DTA
    mov di,bp
    mov cl,blockbytes
    And al,5F ; Quasi U/C, OK For IV
    cmp b[si],20
    ja parsefname
    mov [si],ch ; Make Asciiz In DTA
    mov si,bp ; Finish filling CFBBUF
    rep movsb ; More than enough bytes
    OPENFILE: ; Open the Data file
    mov ax,3D02 ; Read/Write mode
    Int 21 ; Open Data file
    xchg ax,bx ; Handle
    mov dh,databuf/100
    REREAD: ; Loop here Until Read = 0 bytes
    mov si,filerrmsg
    jc Exit
    mov ch,readsize/100
    mov ah,3F
    Int 21
    jc reread
    GOODREAD: ; Check On Read length
    Or ax,ax ; 0 length Read = done
    jz endprog ; Any RET within ñ 80h
    push dx ; Databuf address
    mov si,dx
    push ax ; Bytes Read
    push bx ; Handle
    BLOCK: ; Process block of Data
    push ax ; # bytes Left In DATABUF
    push si ; Databuf pointer
    Call cipher ; Encrypt CFBBUF
    mov di,bp ; CFBbuf
    pop si ; Databuf pointer
    mov cl,blockbytes/2
    DATACRYPT: ; Xor CFBBUF & Data
    mov ax,[si] ; Old Data value
    xchg [di],ax ; AX = CFB, [DI] = Data
    Xor [si],ax ; [SI] = newdata
    movsw ; CMPSW For decrypt
    Loop datacrypt
    pop ax
    Sub ax,blockbytes
    ja block
    PTRSET: ; Decrement file pointer
    pop bx ; Handle
    pop dx ; Bytes Read
    push dx
    neg dx
    dec cx ; CX X=-(bytes Read)
    mov ax,4201
    Int 21 ; Back file Ptr by bytes Read
    WRITEDATA: ; Write # bytes Read
    pop cx ; Bytes Read
    pop dx ; Databuf address
    mov ah,40
    Int 21
    jmp reread
    ; Start of subroutines
    XTIME: ; Subroutine For multiplication
    ; In GF(2^8) modulo x^8+x^4+x^3+x+1
    shl al,1
    jnc endprog
    Xor al,1B
    ENDPROG: ; Int 20 via PSP 00
    KEYSCHED: ; Run key schedule On key
    ; RIJNDAEL key schedule expands first
    ; KEYBYTES of key into sufficient key
    ; material For ROUNDS+1 key mixing
    ; Rounds+2 avoids roundoff Error
    mov di,keyarray+keybytes ; Fall thru RJ
    mov dl,1 ; Initialize RCON
    mov cl,(rounds+2)*ncols/nkeys
    push cx ; On entry CH = 0, saved
    mov bx,-4 ; Effective rotation of key
    cmp ch,3 ; material achieved by
    jnz $+4 ; index manipulation
    rcl bl,1
    adc bl,0 ; BX = -3, -4, Or -7
    mov al,[di+bx]
    test ch,-(ncols/8*10+4)
    jnz keycont ; TEST With 0EC Or 0FC
    mov bx,sbox ; Bytesub
    Or ch,ch
    jnz keycont
    Xor al,dl ; CH = 0, mix With RCON
    xchg ax,dx
    Call xtime ; Update RCON
    xchg ax,dx
    KEYCONT: ; Final Step For All keys
    Xor al,[di-keybytes]
    inc ch
    cmp ch,keybytes
    jb keyschedloop+1
    pop cx
    Loop keyschedloop
    CIPHER: ; The RIJNDAEL encryption cipher
    ; The 'state' of the cipher is located
    ; In CFBBUF And is treated As a Byte
    ; matrix of 4 rows by NCOLS columns
    ; For purpuses of SHIFTROW And
    ; MIXCOLUMN routines. BP is pointer
    ; To CFBBUF throughout, SI is pointer
    ; To Next Byte of key material.
    ; This routine automatically follows
    ; the KEYSCHED routine, Or is called
    ; directly From the BLOCK sequence.
    mov si,keyarray
    mov cx,rounds ; CH non-zero after Read
    push cx
    RIJNLOOP: ; Encrypt CFBBUF
    mov di,bp ; CFBBUF
    mov cl,blockbytes
    mov bx,sbox
    lodsb ; Next key Byte
    Xor al,[di]
    xlat ; Do the BYTESUB here
    Loop addkeyloop
    mov cl,3 ; CX is row # Base 0
    std ; Move Right To Left
    mov bx,cx
    #If ncols EQ 8
    cmp bx,2
    jc $+3
    inc bx ; 1,2,3 --> 1,3,4
    mov di,cfbbuf+blockbytes-4
    Add di,cx ; Add row number
    mov ch,ncols-1
    push di
    mov al,[di]
    SHIFTER: ; Shift row 1 space <--
    scasw ; Move DI <-- 1 col
    xchg al,[di]
    dec ch
    jnz shifter
    pop di
    mov [di],al
    dec bx
    jnz sr_inner
    Loop sr_outer
    pop ax ; Round counter
    dec ax
    jz lastaddkey ; Skip last MIXCOLUMN
    push ax ; Restack Round counter
    MIXCOLUMN: ; Matrix mult In GF(2^8)
    mov di,bp ; CFBBUF
    mov cl,ncols
    NEXTCOL: ; Multiplier matrix is
    mov ch,4 ; º 2 3 1 1 º
    mov dx,[di] ; º 1 2 3 1 º
    mov bx,[di+2] ; º 1 1 2 3 º
    COLUMNLOOP: ; º 3 1 1 2 º
    mov ax,dx
    Call xtime ; 2x Byte 0
    xchg ah,al
    Call xtime ; 2x Byte 1
    Xor al,dh ; 3x Byte 1
    Xor ax,bx ; Add In bytes 2 And 3
    Xor al,ah ; AL=matrix product Byte
    stosb ; Store In original Byte
    xchg dh,dl ; Proceed To Next Byte
    xchg bl,dh ; 3 XCHGs equivalent To
    xchg bh,bl ; ROL 8 On 32-Bit reg
    dec ch
    jnz columnloop
    Loop nextcol
    jmp rijnloop
    mov cl,blockbytes/2
    mov di,bp
    Xor [di],ax
    Loop lastkeyloop
    USAGE db 'TINYRIJN ñ file',0
    ASKFORKEY: db 'Key:',0,24
    FILERRMSG: db 'File error',0
    KEYBUF: db 2*keybytes+1
    KEYARRAY equ $+1 ; Leave space For count
    FILESIZE equ $-100
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    Scott Turchin
    True Karate-do is this: that in daily life, one's mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice. -Gichin Funakoshi

    And my apolagies, the code does say unrestricted, if it is copyrighted please feel free to remove...

    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    Scott Turchin
    True Karate-do is this: that in daily life, one's mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice. -Gichin Funakoshi



      VB Example for RijnDael block cipher algorithm.

      Hope this helps!

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        Are some cipher keys invalid?
        s = CHR$(1 to 16)
        s = string$(16,"A")
        These wouldn't be used, but is there a way to assure one won't be bad?


          Originally posted by Mike Doty View Post
          Are some cipher keys invalid?
          To the best of my knowledge, there are no unsafe keys in Rijndael/AES.

          For example, using
          STRING$(16,CHR$(0) ) '16 null bytes
          for both the key and the plaintext, returns this as ciphertext (in hex):

          Kind regards


            If you do find an unsafe key there's at least $100k in it for you if you report it through the correct 'bug bounty' channels ... (although, given the scale of such a break you'd be an idiot to accept anything less than several million dollars)


              So Scott what you're asking is the conversion of the rijndael algorithm to PB ?

              Here is a link covering my conversion and Scott Turchin.


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