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How to use JK-IDE and Olydebug to DisASM PB-Code

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  • How to use JK-IDE and Olydebug to DisASM PB-Code

    Using other Compilers like VS, you can at any time take a look on the ASM_Output of the Compiler at any place.
    With PB its a bit more difficult. Using JK-IDE and Olydebug its easier possible.

    For this, download Olydebug first. I've just put it into the JK-IDE-Folder in a Subfolder.
    Then follow these steps.

    If you want to do sourcecode debugging with Ollydbg then you have to:
    1.) copy the Olly-pb.dll file from the "JK-IDE Installation directory" to the Ollydbg directory.
    2.) Put a breakpoint (! Int 3) in your code where you want to debug
    3.) Compile your code in "Run" menu with "Compile (OllyDbg)"
    4.) After Ollydbg is populated, in the "Plugins" menu, press "Source Code Debugging for JK-IDE"
    5.) in the IDE, the corresponding line of code is highlighted in purple while you are typing through the code with Ollydbg (F7 / F8)
    6.) The whole thing is, as you can imagine, relatively tricky and depending on what you have just done, sometimes it does not work in the case of repetition. Then you have to close Olydbg and the IDE and start again, then it works again.
    7.) During the process, the Debugger/JK-IDE (?) will make 13x !NOP before the actual Code line that is immediately before the
    ! INT 3
    Command. So this is maybe the way how the debugger finds that place.

    So you want to see what PB Commands becomes which ASM-Command?
    This way you can find it out.
    --Theo Gottwald
    76706 Dettenheim * Germany *
    Joses Forum * Theo's Link Site *