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Using CPU flaws to my advantage

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  • Using CPU flaws to my advantage

    I have to wonder how CPU security flaws relating to meltdown and spectre with internal forward projecting code can be used by programming with that thought in mind. String pointers are fast and maybe I should be using a lot more of it if the processor is going to help out the code.
    I always thought Intel processors were faster with strings.
    Sone of you coders in the ASM I am sure have s better understanding of how things work in the CPU area to think on this than I.
    p purvis

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    From memory Paul, the exploits were related specifically to servers, not end users so I doubt it would be much use to you and from reading the data some time ago the complexity was horrendous. Addressing with string data is certainly a good technique but you can do that with basic dynamic string with StrPtr() at no great loss, the main gain working directly with zero terminated strings is you are not converting back and forth between basic dynamic string and zero terminated strings.

    One place where zero terminated string have a big advantage is with repeated appends of string data as with zero terminated strings, you just write to the end of an existing string buffer. If you ever need one, I can give you a genuinely fast append algo for that task.
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