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Upload via local html file?

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  • Upload via local html file?

    I just prepared an application which spits out an html having a hidden input containing a base64 encoded filedata.
    We would like to use this for uploading the user's file to our webserver (http and/or https)

    I tried to use a webapp's webpage to open the file on the local disk (forced a known file-url on c:\..)
    This is not accepted, i can figure that so no one can read your files using an iframe or so.
    Navigation at all to a local file is not possible.
    This is not such a big deal as long i am able to use the local file to upload the contents to out webserver.

    This works 100% but maybe i overlook a security issue/setting?
    Or maybe browser don't like to post from local file to webserver?


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    Do you want the file data to be sent to your webserver automatically, or when they push a button or some other page event?

    As far as security, that is normally done on the web server using a digital certificate.

    Can you show a sample of your local HTML file?


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      It's indeed a plain htm having a hidden input field and name (for POST)

      Since the html is located on the hardrive and the action is set to a http:// (or https://) webserver it might be some security issue and maybe some setting or browser might not like that.

      So far it works good, it's in fact the same of having any custom written app posting data to a webserver.
      The app is not part of the webserver (read: origin unknown) however.. a MSIE might not allow it?
      I suspect all browsers allow this fine but i want to be sure.

      There is no example, it's just a simple input field executed from a local device.