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eMail woes... again.

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  • eMail woes... again.

    I have seen this problem before, back in 2003 i think, but i forgot
    what it was or how i fixed it, or if host support fixed it... Im getting this:

    Expected 220 in response to But got
    Expected 250 in response to HELO selcpw2 But got 220 ESMTP
    Expected 250 in response to RCPT TO: But got 502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)
    Expected 354 in response to DATA But got 250 ok
    Expected 250 in response to . But got 502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)
    Expected 221 in response to QUIT But got 250 ok
    Im looking for info about this, but i thought it was a good idea also to post here. for help.

    Disregard, Fixed.
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    Your connected to an ESMTP server which probably doesnt allow SMTP
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      Actually, Enhanced means just that, Enhanced, but it still is compatible with SMTP.
      The error was that ESMTP is less forgiving when it comes to protocol. So, Practically
      what happened was this:

      Elias: Hey, Im connecting to you, what kind of server are you?
      ESMTP: Shut up its my time to talk.
      After that, wrong start... it all was becoming a chaos.
      Lesson learned, Dont talk out of turn to an ESMTP server.