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Obfuscation vs Compiled VB.NET

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  • Obfuscation vs Compiled VB.NET

    Hope this the right place for this question.

    With Visual Web Express a friend wants to use obfuscation to protect the code while what I'm used to using is the VB.NET 2003 compiled modules into DLL's. I've heard that obfucation is not secure. Anyone have any information on this?

    Bob Mechler

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    Try this with one of your .NET Assembly (that aren't plain .DLL) to have a glimpse at how the decompiled source may look:

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      I am not shure what you want to do, but if your code is running on a server and gives back the html pages, nobody could get the code of the CGI-program over the normal browser access.

      Maybe the can crack into your server system on other ways



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        I'm mostly concerned with customer sites that are hosting the software for their customers. We don't want them to have access to our proprietary code. Nobody breaking into the web server, they already have access and probably suppport other informational websites themselves. We just don't want them to reverse engineer ours. Encryption routines, passwords and login information to sensitive files used to secure how many seat licenses their company would have of our main application which the Web site is only a query tool.

        Bob Mechler