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  • abyss server questions

    I downloaded the free version of abyss server. It seems to be up and running, but when I try to publish a sample web design, it keeps asking me for the password.
    I have been on the internet for hours, but I cannot find any solution. I can get into the console, so I know I have the correct usernamd and password.

    I want get it up and running so I can try cgi-pb.

    Any ideas?


    John Tate

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    Assuming you haven't changed that particular password, it's probably looking for a default.

    Have you tried "admin", "administrator" or some combo thereof? Maybe "manager", "mgr". "sysop": You know, something that is common and easily guessable.
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      Where are you being asked for the password, when you enter the URL to your web site?

      Its possible that you have the admin console set to respond on port 80. If that's the case, start the console and go to the 'console configuration' (at the bottom on the main screen). Then select 'Parameters' and change the listening port to someone other than 80. The default is 8080.

      You'll then get to the console configuration using: (assuming you're trying to access the server from a browser on the same PC).

      The only time Abyss asks for a password is when you're trying to open the configuration page, or you're trying to access a password protected folder that you created within Abyss.
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        Joe, I will try your suggestions.
        I am trying to publish a web design. I downloaded the free pagebreeze html editor. When I try to publish, it uses FTP for publishing. That is where I am asked for a password.
        Frontpage also asks for a password when I try to publish from it.


        John Tate


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          Ok, that's a whole different story

          Abyss does not have an FTP server built in (most people, myself included, want a web server to be a web server, and an ftp server to be an ftp server, and an mail server to be a mail server, etc).

          So you'll either need to install an FTP server on the same box, or publish your site some other way (like just coping the files to the right folder).

          Personally, I prefer the commercial FTP server WinFTPServer but there is also Filezilla which is open source and very capable as well.

          Once you install an FTP server, you create an account (with a password) and assign a folder to that account as their "home". This folder should be the document root where you've configured Abyss to server from (if you're using the free X1 version, this is \abyss\htdocs\ I think) then away you go!

          There are some excellent step-by-step tutorials on how to set up and configure Abyss and the FTP server of your choice on their web site. Their forum is very good. Check it out.
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            Thanks, Joe, I see what you mean.
            There is something called ws_ftp on my computer. My webhost friend set me up sometime in the past so I could publish to my web page, but I kept messing it up, so he cut me off.
            I now assume that the user id and password is what it is looking for. Of course, I have now idea what they are now!

            Another question, since I know nothing about servers, etc. Abyss shows my server root as "c:\program files\abyss web server", which I can see in explorer.
            Should I create folders under the server root to publish to? There is no "c:\program files\abyss web server\htdocs" folder.

            I will get back to this later. Right now gespringen is gesprungen here in Oregon. I have already mowed my lawn once, now my wife needs the windows washed on the outside. I just hate these chores interrupting my computering!! The sun is shining and it is going to be in the upper 50's today, so I had better get with it.

            Thanks for all the info,

            John Tate


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              The sun is shining and it is going to be in the upper 50's today,
              Just for rubbing that in my face, I may not reply again... Its dark, snowy, and might reach 20 here today, if we're lucky!!

              Oh, ok.

              ws_fpt is the client portion for ftp. It 'pushes' the pages to the FTP server. You need the server on the same PC as Abyss. The FTP server accepts the files sent to it by the client and puts them wherever you tell it to.

              I don't have Abyss X1 (the free version, which I think you're using) but regardless of where you installed it, there is, or should be, a folder called htdocs (or something very similar). By default, you should have an INDEX.HTM file in there which the Abyss install created. When you go to your web site before publishing any of your own files, this index.htm page is what Abyss displays (so you know the web server is up and functional).

              What you need to do now is install an FTP server. Then create an account and give it a password. Set the HOME (or default) folder for this account to the htdoc folder (or wherever you find the current Index.htm file). Then when you go to publish your web site, you will enter the account name and password that you created on the FTP server. If everything goes right, your pages will be uploaded and then you can go to your web browser, punch in your domain name (or use http://localhost if on the same PC as the web server) and your site should display.

              Now, if you are designing the site on the same pc that you are running the web server on (abyss), then you can simply copy your web pages to the htdoc folder manually (or if your web editor has a 'local' option instead of FTP) and accomplish the same thing.
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                Well, it is supposed to rain here for the next week. Two more big windows to go!

                I did download the abyss free server.

                OK, I found the htdoc folder. It does contain the index.html. I will see what I can do about an ftp server.

                I might try copying my sample to the htdoc folder and see what I get.

                Thanks so much, Joe.

                John Tate


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                  Well, I am getting closer. I downloaded fileZilla FTP server and fileZilla client. I still am not able to get my html editor to publish via FTP.

                  The FTP server is up and running, and I can get the client to show me my user [email protected], but I still cannot connect when I try to publish from my html editor.

                  I am connected to an Edimax router and have my laptop connected to my local network.

                  I am looking into the portforward thing right now.

                  I can copy my test web page to the \webroot\htdocs folder and access it via the internet. So I am close.

                  John Tate

                  Oh, I lied today- it did get up to about 63-64 degrees- got all the windows washed


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                    The FTP server is up and running, and I can get the client to show me my user [email protected], but I still cannot connect when I try to publish from my html editor.
                    Ok, did you create an FTP account called "[email protected]"? That would be kinda weird, but if you want to, I guess you could. On my FTP server, I created a user name 'joe' and assigned a password that I would remember. Perhaps you ought to set up an account 'john' and give it a password that you'll remember

                    You might be on to something with the port forwarding, but if you're on the same network segment, the router should allow you to connect to the FTP server.

                    What kind of error message do you get when you try to upload from the HTML editor? I'm guessing you don't have the user name/passwords set correctly. You also need to tell the HTML editor the IP address or NetBIOS name of the server so it knows who to connect to.

                    BTW, its still snowing here and we're back to single digit lease the digit is above zero
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                      I am so close!!
                      I can see that the abyss server is located at http://localhost
                      I can see that the filezilla server is [email protected]
                      I can see that filezilla client logs on to [email protected]
                      FZ client shows me the localhost\htdocs folder and the file I want to upload.
                      I can select the file to upload, process the transfer and I get:
                      stor index.html
                      550 permission denied
                      critical error

                      After the timeout limit, FZ client unhooks from the FZ server.

                      One strange thing is that when I use my FTP in the html editor, the user name defaults to "sailor" which is the original computer name I had years ago. I had this computer built, and all my files were transferred onto the new harddrive. Somewhere, when I try FTP, it still wants a very old username and password, which I no longer know.

                      I tried the port forward, using the IP of this local computer, but it made no difference.

                      There was one instance of XP popping up a blocking message when I tried the upload from filezilla, but it happened so fast I could not read all the message. I have not been able to repeat that message again.

                      I will give it up for now.
                      All you people in the midwest and east stay warm tonight.

                      John Tate


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                        Well, I found the problem with the uploading. In the first place, my free html editor does not publish from the program- you have to buy the commercial version.

                        Next, I found the place in setting up my account name in Filezilla server where you check the permissions. Once I checked the read, write boxes, filezilla client uploaded like a whiz!!

                        Thanks again, Joe, for bearing with me.

                        Now I can get on with testing PB-cgi programs.

                        John Tate


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                          Glad to hear it John!

                          I checked into that HTML editor, and while its not bad, if you end up spending any money at all, you might want to take a look at wysiwygWebBuilder. If you're going to be doing any serious web design, its $40.00 very well spent!
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                            OK, Joe, thanks for all your help.

                            I will certainly take a look at the editor you spoke of.

                            Now I want to see if I can get my pb-cgi program to manipulate data from a sample website.

                            John Tate