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Lot's of trouble with gzip compression

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  • Lot's of trouble with gzip compression

    I had two chances to use gzip (or deflate) on our Windows webserver.

    1) Is a library for ASP.NET, ideal since it's able to compress requests for a single website only.

    2) Via metabase.xml, this has the side-effect it applies to all websites on the server.
    We have several websites on a single server.

    In both occasions there seems to be a MSIE issue hanging when requesting the somewhat odd names like *.axd and such.

    The lib i used is not able to compress https requests.
    IIS does not seem to make much effort in actually compressing the https requests.
    The same page via http is compressed though.

    It seems that MSIE can block completely when using AJAX or similar methods.
    The log shows accept gzip, deflate fine, the response is in gzip.. but hangs after that..

    We mainly want to compress due to fact we make use of wireless cards.
    Sometimes pages are up to 1MB(!)
    ASP.NET's responses are far from efficient.

    Any good tips?
    (besides moving on other languages)