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href local files using file: on all browsers?

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  • href local files using file: on all browsers?

    Does <a href='file: work with all browsers?
    My system depends upon this working with all browsers.
    Working with a browser within the app eliminates the need for many dialogs like open file by rendering lists within it. A great way to program.
    REM Fill browser with directory listing
    sTemp = "<html><body>
    For x = 1 to ubound(s(x))
        sTemp = sTemp + "<a href =" + Chr$(34) + "file:\smtp\htm\" + s(x) + chr$(34) + ">" + s(x) + "<br> </a>"
    sTemp = sTemp + </body></html>"
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    I would think that all browsers would support the file scheme (at least the major ones worth mentioning), but how they handle it will probably be different. For example, if you hand FireFox a URL like "file:///c:/" then it will show you is a directory listing of the root of the C: drive. But if you do that in Internet Explorer, you'll get a warning dialog and it will actually open up Windows Explorer. If you pass the name of an actual file, such as "file:///c:/users/mike/documents/filename.ext" then it will just treat it as though you specified "c:\users\mike\documents\filename.ext"
    Mike Stefanik


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      Thanks, Mike.


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        Some AV packages might also not be happy with a process that opens a browser which opens a local file ...