well just today an idea hit me

i just cannot believe what i am fixing to report, that i have not seen it in the forums before or i just over looked it.
using a proxy server with the PB TCP OPEN and TCP RECV commands to speed up the accessing and receiving data of internet servers.

while using TCP RECV and using a loop with the TCP RECV command to receive data over a connection on the internet, not intranet, you will have to depend on the timeout value set in the TCP OPEN to occur(timeout on the connection) before you receive all data on the connection. this is just the way it is, nobody's fault, that is the way it is written. the TCP commands have to be general in nature to accomplish many different thingS a programmer may want to use if for, without having to write code using SDK.

But i had a thought on using TCP RECV when using protocols that a proxy server would recognize. so that is what i did, i setup a proxy server, then in the TCP OPEN make your changes, and i have been able to use a much larger timeout value, than say between 3500 to 10000

 TCP OPEN PORT 3138 AT "" AS #hfile TIMEOUT 60000   'Open server
in doing so, my program using TCP OPEN to open a connection on a webserver has the same speed in receiving data and quickly recognizing the end of data with the TCP RECV as a connection on the intranet.

i have only used proxyplus thus far in testing with a proxy server.

for those people using a proxy server at work or else where, i have a question.

are these speed results using TCP RECV with a proxy server the same for you when using a program using the PB TCP RECV commands?

just for those confused, you have to use a protocol that the proxy server is used for and recognizes.