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    can someone look at this site

    in IE and Firefox?
    It displays correctly in IE.

    Click the blue [+] to see what I'm talking about.

    I can't figure out why it doesn't work in FF.
    HTML Tidy, Aptana, and W3C verification all say it's OK.

    Last edited by Shawn Anderson; 23 Jun 2008, 01:09 PM.

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    Originally posted by Shawn Anderson View Post
    Hi Shawn,

    Very nice.

    Fwiw it doesn't work very well in Opera either. Basically, you've run into a javascript issue.

    But it does work ok in IE6.

    I'm guessing that you have noscript or adblock installed. Even if you allow the site, it doesn't always allow things like that.

    My suggestion for what it looks like you're putting together there would be to shift over from your custom html to a system like Wordpress (or WordpressMu for multiple missions). It's fairly simple to set up, easy to customize and administer, and search engines love it.

    Plus, WP has some forum software that will piggyback with WP so that you can do even more (though I haven't had a chance to play around with that yet).

    What you could do is build in using
    This way on browsers with scripts disabled it will show up.

    Or you could use php and refresh the page.

    If you have questions about any of that, feel free to call (I'm in Arizona) at 480-344-7713.
    John Strasser
    Phone: 480 - 273 - 8798


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      thanks John,
      what I've done for the time being is just filter out which browser and only display the border, color, and padding attributes of the DIV when using IE. It will work OK this way, it just doens't look as good in FF. I noticed that it did the same thing in Opera.

      It is just driving me crazy because I can't figure out what is wrong


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        upon further examination, it seems the problem is coming from the display:none attribute. That is making FF crazy.


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          I figured it out.
          I needed to add"block"; to my javascript function.


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            You also have a missing/displaced closing </div>:

            <td rowspan="1" colspan="1" width="523" height="54" style="background:#c6c62a"><div style="margin-left:20px"><b>Missions</b></td>
            The <div> should be close before the </td>. This sort of nesting errors can also tick FF apart.


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              thanks Knuth,
              yes I found that as well last night. It's fixed on the live page.

              Good eye though, I looked all day yesterday for that!! I could tell I had a tag mismatch because in UltraEdit, the code didn't "fold" correctly.
              Last edited by Shawn Anderson; 24 Jun 2008, 05:19 PM.


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                Honor to those who deserve it: Using Firefox, I did a right click -> View source. The HTML validator than highlighted that line.


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                  I was using FF but I was using the Firebug add-on, not the internal HTML viewer.

                  D'oh! (Homer Simpson)


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                    one of the css gurus I like to study is Stu Nicholls, and this has to be one of my favorite pages...

                    The Holy Grill at the Friar Tuck-Inn

                    Happy webbing

                    John Strasser
                    Phone: 480 - 273 - 8798