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    Forgive my ignorance.

    I am taking a course in XHTML and Javascript and I have learned that browsers have built-in capacities to deal with Javascript.

    My basic question: Is there a a way for me to apply my PBCC to this process?
    I am looking for reading references that help me to understand the functional structure. An overview.


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    Yes, one way is to use PBCC to create CGI executables that are placed on a web server.

    User of browser selects XHTML or HTML page on server. The page contains, or links to, javascript. The javascript runs in the browser, and sends data to CGI on server via ACTION="POST" to the web server program. The CGI does it's thing and sends results, and maybe more javascript, back to browser via the web server program. The browser only communicates with the web server which relays data to/from the PBCC CGI with STDIN and STDOUT.

    Generally in a CGI you would compile with #CONSOLE OFF so server PCs task bar and screen don't fill up with console windows.



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      Here is an example of a web app that I wrote with PBCC (for the CGI portion) using the Ajax web methodology.

      In short, Ajax is a way of combining "every day" web technologies, mostly javaScript, that I use to communicate with my PBCC application.