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Need help with intranet automation

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  • Need help with intranet automation

    Hi Folks,

    I'm starting to automate some intranet tasks using PBWIN. Never program intranet/internet applications, so your help is much appreciated.

    I need to open intranet page http://thispage:55555/ ... using authorization.
    The page contains a list of URL to be re-processed i.e. clickable links. The main job is to process (click on) those links. Once link clicked, it disappears from the page. Process continues until all links clicked.

    Step by step:
    1. Open page with login and password
    2. Get all links from page
    3. for i =1 to link_count
    4. click link(i)
    5. refresh browser/main page
    6. next
    7. Close session

    Thank you,

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    Hello Aslan.
    I'm not sure what you're asking.

    When you say "using authentication" do you mean Windows authentication or is the authentication coming from your PB CGI?

    What do you want to happen when the links are clicked? Are this links for other web pages or do the perform some other action, like downloading files?


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      Local intranet page requires authentication (login, password) before opening the page with links to be re-processed. Those links are for webserver only. They doesn't conatins any download url etc.
      Say, you have a web-page with links of purchase orders to be processed.
      They're gone from main page once you processe them. i.e click.

      When link clicked, the webserver returns and xml page with processing status. The url of that page is different from main page, so re-calling/re-opening the main page with links will show the rest of links to be re-processed or no links.

      I don't need to download those links, only click. All I need is to download the main page, count the link(s) and re-process them.Downloading the status page is not necessary at this stage.

      Download the page from url http://webserver/po-reprocessingpage
      Count links from reprocessing page
      if count = 0 then exit loop
      Re-process firstlink
      Delay 1 sec
      Goto nextlink
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