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Need to POST data to URL rather than GET

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  • Need to POST data to URL rather than GET

    I am fairly new to PowerBasic, so please bear with me.

    I am retrieving xml data from a Web Server (this works fine for large strings), but when I try to use the same GET command, I can only pass to the server a max of 2K of data, but I need to be able to pass several MB. I think I need to use POST, but I am getting no where.

    I have a code example as an attachment. FromURL (works) and ToURL (works up to 2K) both call GetXMLURL, but pass different strings. That may be my problem. maybe I need a PostXMLURL?

    FromURL works well getting any size xml string from the server, which I will call "". I use GetChanges... and call a function GetXMLURL.

    But when I want to write a string of XML data back to the server using SetChanges... I am limited to only 2K in size.

    I think i need to use a POST rather than the GET (in GetXMLURL)

    Can anyone help me use a POST rather than GET? Or should I use SOAP?


    Doug Rawdon
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    Yes, you should post but since you are talking to a ( webservice you could use the mssoap sdk.
    Unf. this sdk is deprecated due arival of .NET.

    "The Microsoft SOAP Toolkit is deprecated by the .NET Framework. SOAP Toolkit support will be retired in April 2005."

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    That does not matter, it will work fine..

    Sorry for my plug for PwrDev here but nowadays i am using the wsdl.exe tool to generate a c# file by retrieving the settings directly from the url.
    This c# is what i compile and call from my tool.

    You can do a similar approach with plain pb code.
    You could even create a .NET exe to do the job..

    In this case i generated the c# file and added a custom class to make the calls slightly easier from PB to .NET.
    Both files get compiled into a single assembly.
    In your case you could make it an exe.

    Of course.. being depending on .NET.
    You can still go for the soap sdk or much worse... doing what you are doing now, using the xml support but then post..