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Boilerplate customizable registration web app

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  • Boilerplate customizable registration web app

    Is there such a thing as a generic Web App that takes information into fields where the fields can be defined by the adminstrator of the website.

    The use would be for a web site visitor to fill out a multi-page form, print a document incorportating the answers, sign it and send it to the company hosting the web site. The Web site would also need to be able to auto-layout definable questions where the fields could be declared with certain characteristics such as field type, field length, required or not etc. The information collected will take several pages with navigation based on how the questions are answered.

    When the submit button is clicked, all required fields should be validated that they are filled in, an export is done to XML and sent to the company hosting the application process and a form printed recapping the information along with boilerplate legal text so that when the person signs the form, it's a legal document.

    Ever heard of such a product?

    Bob Mechler

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    I don't know but i believe there is something similar in PDF documents.
    Never seen that working though.


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      If you're talking about the HTML /Javascript side of things there are plenty of form generators out there.

      The hard part is what you want to do on the server end.

      If it's just email try formmail

      fwiw, I usually found it faster to write my own.

      html is just like any other language in that regard, once you build up a code library it's fairly straight forward.

      John Strasser
      Phone: 480 - 273 - 8798


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        With html and web server software such as apache this is done all the time.
        Did i mis something. Legality is usually considered as another thought That depends on many factors and laws of the region. I am sure one fact would be. Did you perform something of true value to another and the other accept that value of service or product. Probably that assures the signature most. You always need to validate the person and keep certain information private. The privacy laws are hindering simple commerce these days but it is here to stay.

        I would look into php programming and/or cgi programming with PBCC.
        You can validate your web page data input once every form is submiited and redisplay the page with notes of where data is not valid allowing changes of input to your form.

        Many legal forms require multiple signatures these days. If you are dealing with a consumer(non-commerical) the court is most of the time going to favor them over you any how when it comes to legal claims.

        You have a web page form submit to the same web page form to validate
        inputted data. The process of validating input goes at the beginning of your scripting program that produces web page form.
        p purvis