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Home brewed tcp server supporting soap?

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  • Home brewed tcp server supporting soap?

    I would like to create a webservice, the client will call a PB tcp server.
    Is there an easy approach similar to the client call libraries?

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    How about SQLitening which does this and gives you SQL?
    Source is included.
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      I need to pass any kind of data, alternatives like sending (encoded) text i have already done those things.
      Just looking for a 'soap-server'


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         Generated by: PowerBASIC COM Browser v.2.00.0070
        ' Date & Time : 8/13/2009 at 10:44 AM
        ' ------------------------------------------------
        ' Library Name: MSSOAPLib
        ' Library File: C:\Program Files\Common Files\MSSoap\Binaries\mssoap1.dll
        ' Description : Microsoft Soap Type Library
        ' GUID : {C65657D9-5C4B-421E-8DA6-AD4D590FE854}
        ' LCID : 0
        ' Version : 1.0
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            These might help:
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              What does the topic-title say?


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                Simply put, a soap server is an http server that accepts a post but the post data is in the form of xml

                <?xml version="1.0"?>
                Message information goes here

                any one of the TCP IP Server programs will work with port 80. If you need 443 (I assume you do) you can use Scott Turchins solution's SSL example or you can figure out how to apply OpenSSL

                so the question is..
                do you need help with the client?
                help with the server?
                help with WebService calling the server?
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                  I was looking for an easy and similar support as found with the client side (as mistakenly shown above)

                  But.. i don't think there isn't such a simple thing.
                  It may not even be that hard to capture the xml into an xml document and parse it myself.
                  I have done that for the client side.
                  More work but saves me the issue of installing things.

                  Unless someone has a bright and simple idea?
                  It's all not that important though, if i don't like the requirements i'll go for plain xml anyway.

                  In the past i returned data as plain text but this was not an extendable format.
                  It required version tracking, soap may be a better choice.

                  The clientside can use the soap library or xmlhttp and so on, that's cool enough.

                  If i prepare the results properly i could even use wsdl for the client code

                  (Just some links to show the xml, pretty easy)
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                    I was looking for an easy .....
                    But.. i don't think there isn't such a simple thing.
                    You think right.

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                      I was reading in the book, "Wicked Cool Php" by William Steinmetz with Brian Ward, on page 149 thru 151 that SOAP may not be the way to really go. Quoting:
                      The bottom line is that if you plan to run a number of web services queries based on WSDL(Web Services Description Language) at once, you either need a lot of hardware or some way to bypass most of this process by contructing SOAP queries by hand.
                      He mentions many things, but one thing he mentions is that Google discontinued SOAP support for it web search service, and that even though SOAP is really not common as one might think, it is hanging on. He mentioned about encountering services based on Microsoft.NET.

                      He mentioned a REST web service, where it appears you send the server a POST or GET and receive a XML formated return.

                      This would seem more logical to me, where if one wanted to setup a server, a ready made efficient web server might be much quicker, easier, faster to build, more standardized, easier learning curve and flexible with cross platform along with future upgrades to hardware and operating systems then creating your own SOAP server.

                      I hope i did not miss the boat on what was being said above, but after reading what the author had said, which i am sure i have not conveyed it all, it makes sense to me to go the REST web server way, even though i have not studied it much at all.

                      I will leave it up to you to google the REST web server way of doing things.
                      p purvis


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                        As i interpret your post is seems an ordinary post or get request but xml is returned.
                        That would only save the client's part imo but not the webserver's part.
                        To return xml with 'objects' it's obvious to use something like soap.

                        But there are many ways of course.