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    Thank you for all of this help. My programs now function, including the RS-232 component that sends the data to the PC that then transmits via TCP. I am using the COMM statements for that part of the serial communication.

    I had to address a buffer issue with the PC mentioned above. I was receiving RS-232 data faster than it was being transmitted via TCP. I used RXQUE to monitor the amount of data in the RXBUFFER. When RXQUE reached 4096, I would get an error.

    I solved this by bypassing the TCP SEND if RXQUE exceeded a threshold that was below 4096. I don't know if changing the buffer size in PB/CC with RXBUFFER made a difference in the error occurring at a value in excess 4096 bytes. I didn't do alot of testing for that problem after adding the conditional statement to bypass the TCP SEND.

    I need to learn much more about the stuff you guys are currently discussing before I can make any worthwhile comments. If you want to link to any of my IP's for testing, let me know. I have a couple of options with different firewall requirements.