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  • short https example

    This is not really an https example code but could be that i use for testing a https connection and results to my most disliked web location.
    I am not going to put this code up for the world to see.
    If you deal with street addresses, you really probably want to look at this.
    I can sort of thank the main location for making changes that break all kinds of crap and really make dealing with the material they handle the most unfriendly service in the world.
    I believe it was Jose who help write this code on how to use a "GET" post to a https website. Thanks again Jose.

    Actually, it is not the https code that I do not want shared, but the website location url; any get url statements to the site; or any code that pertains to that location; that i am using in this code. But that information could be of help to others here. Why i do not want the code posted is because i do not want to be blocked in any manner from accessing the website and retrieving data or cause the web site creators to make changes that will cause this code to not work.
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    Please make a change to the address in the code. You can visit the website with a browser to see the website work and provide your own addresses that exist and do not exist.
    I usually do put into my posting here my testing data, but did this one time with this code because i am too busy to search for data you can change and i will ask your help to make that change.
    p purvis


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      Thank you Paul, it works well for me.
      /Fim W.
      Fim Wästberg


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        or to just put in browser
        ShellExecute %NULL, "OPEN", zText, BYVAL %NULL, CURDIR$, %SW_SHOWNORMAL instead of google