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  • sTunnel Window

    I continue to work on a PowerBASIC email client which makes use of sTunnel.

    Normally, it seems, sTunnel works as a service and displays no window and my client can make use of the encryption capabilities.

    But occasionally, there is an sTunnel window that pops up and I'm not sure why it appears. I don't think it's an error, as the app utilizing sTunnel appears to continue to work as expected. But since it does popup on occasionally, I still suspect there's an error (or at least warning) involved in displaying the window.

    Is anyone familiar enough with sTunnel to know why that window might pop up and to know what information is supposed to be displayed in that window?

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    I never used sTunnel which would definitely be great to send using SSL/TLS without 3rd party software.
    Notced how this person used Blat and sTunnel to do it. instead of google