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    I'd like to create an app that lets me make a phone call via the internet.

    I assume that I'd have to create an account with a company that offers VOIP services - basically get myself a VOIP phone number.

    But, I don't have a good big-picture overview of what would be involved in accessing that account using PowerBASIC. I've read that there is a VOIP SDK and I think that a VOIP service company might have their own API. But that's as far as I've gone with my research so far.

    I've contacted a local VOIP service company and you'd think I'd asked a particularly difficult question (about API).

    Does anyone have experience in VOIP and can give some general guidance on the topic? An overview of what is generally involved in creating an app that could make calls.

    For all I know, VOIP companies won't cooperate with any such effort.

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    Twilio SDK C# and .NET



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      Hi Jim!

      Thanks for the suggestion, but their product appears not to support adding phone service to a PC app such as we write in PowerBASIC. your web and mobile apps on the following platforms:
      Even so, I called their support line. Their cost model would allow me to create an account, then they would bill me for calls made by my users, which I do not want to do. They did say that my users could create then own accounts, but from their response I had the feeling that there was a fair amount of effort each user would have to go through. Perhaps as I learn more about VOIP in general, that may not seem like such a bad deal. I just had the impression that they wanted to do business with larger companies and that individual customers weren't all that welcome.